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Philly Soccer 100: Boys’ Club clinches American League title

2013 is the centennial of the US Soccer Federation. Our series looking back at the Philadelphia soccer scene one hundred years ago continues.

Boys’ Club clinch Philadelphia’s American League

In a match at Front and Erie, Kensington Boys’ Club went on to win 2–0 over Philadelphia Athletics after a scoreless first half. With the win, Boys’ Club, who had only one loss in league play after 13 games, clinched the league championship with one game remaining on the schedule.

Collingwood and Philadelphia Electrics still battled for second place with the Live Wires having a two-point lead in the standings but the Collies having two games in hand.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on March 10, “There is a movement on foot at the present time to formulate plans for the purpose of making the American League a semi professional organization next season. Several members of the league believe that it will result in strengthening the organization and also protecting their players from being snapped up by any other organization.” The Inquirer report indicated “one or more clubs now playing professional ball [in the Pennsylvania League] are anxious to join the American League next season.”

United League

With three games remaining on the United League schedule, North Philadelphia YMA and Frankford Boys’ Club were tied on points with identical 7–1–0 records, although North Philadelphia’s +8 goal difference was dwarfed by Frankford’s +20. North Philadelphia defeated American Pulley Company at 42nd Street and Wissahickon Avenue 3–1, coming from behind with three second half goals. Frankford edged out Vincome 2–1. Third place Whitehall Rovers was still in the chase and only two points behind the league leaders after defeating Erie AC 1–0. P.H.L. and Logan AC, who were four points behind the leaders and had played each other to a 1–1 draw, were also still in the race. The Inquirer observed on March 10, 1913, “No matter how the race ends the United magnates can look back with pride at the end of the season for having such an interesting race in the first year of the league’s existence.

Smith FC 1912-13Amateur Cup

Matchday on Saturday, March 8, 1913 included three Allied Amateur Cup ties.

In Reading, Smith AA defeated the home team 1–0 in third round play in a match that went to extra time after 90 scoreless minutes. Two extra periods of ten minutes each were added and in the second period Smith’s inside left Ballyntyne tallied to give the visitors a berth in the semifinal of the tournament.

After 90 minutes of regulation and 20 minutes of extra time Darby YMA and the Wilmington Irish-Americans remained level with two goals each.

When Disston AA and Tacony AC met in Allied League second division play on Jan. 25, 1913 in a Tacony derby, the game ended in a 1–1 tie. In Amateur Cup play on March 8, 1913, at Torresdale Avenue and Tyson Street, the Inquirer reported “Local feeling ran high” as Tacony defeated Disston 3–1.

Meanwhile, the second round matchup between Kensington and Marcus Hook was finally decided after two previous drawn games when Kensington won 1–0 in a game played in Cardington.

Benefit game

The series of benefit games for a strange rash of broken legs continued with a matchup between Hibernians and Victors, both of the Pennsylvania League at Second and Allegheny. The Inquirer reported, “Despite the fact there were not any league points at stake the benefit game…was a very fast and interesting game.” The game ended in a 2–2 draw and included two goals from future National Soccer Hall of Famer Tommy Swords. The Inquirer reported on March 10, “Gerald Jacovelli, the crack left half of the Hibernians, will in all likelihood receive a substantial benefit from the returns of the box office.”

League wrap

League play in the Allied American league had concluded the previous week with Bethlehem winning the first division while Wilmington’s Irish-Americans won the the second division and Putnams the third division. On March 8, Bethlehem played University of Pennsylvania, winning 3–1 with two goals from future Hall of Famer Tommy Fleming. Belmont was the winner of the Cricket Club League first division, Morrestown the winner of the second division. Victor Jrs. won the Philadelphia Junior League.

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