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Opening day in the River End with the SoB’s

Photo by Earl GardnerThe most important delivery of the day!

Photo by Earl Gardner
Time to decorate the River End for the first time this season.

Photo by Earl GardnerConor Casey has his first piece of tifo hung.

Photo by Earl GardnerWhat’s a Philadelphia themed tailgate without soft pretzels and…

Photo by Earl GardnerCheesesteaks!!!

Photo by Earl GardnerYou don’t have to be a man to have a stache.

Photo by Earl GardnerOne of the finer natural stache’s at the bash.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohnny Langan shows off his finest wares.

Photo by Earl GardnerVuvuzela: The World Soccer Show broadcasts from the tailgate.

Photo by Earl GardnerBevan McShea of the Corner Creeps performs at the tailgate.

Photo by Earl GardnerCrowds gather to break bread and catch up with each other.

Photo by Earl GardnerGreat raffle prizes helped raise a significant amount of money for Help Kick Hunger.

Photo by Earl GardnerSoB VP Corey Furlan, President Matt Ansbro and former President Bryan James.Photo by Earl GardnerThe Bearfight Winter Classic trophy and winner Nick Bunch.

Photo by Earl GardnerBolton successfully defended his title in the dreaded double Bearfight.

Photo by Earl GardnerBearfight entertained crowd.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe only thing they ever won was the Allocation Cup.

Photo by Earl GardnerNick Sack stops by to check out the tailgate.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe bar for Supporter fashion has been set very high.

Photo by Earl GardnerFlags cover the River End.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe team takes this pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerHack to the Future!

Photo by Earl GardnerScarves Up!!!

Photo by Earl GardnerCapo Lucas Murray helps get the chants going.

Photo by Earl GardnerJoy erupts at Seba scores the first…

Photo by Earl Gardner…and only goal for the Union.

Photo by Earl GardnerYou are never to young to hang in the River End.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Neil DeLucca helps keep the beat.

Photo by Earl GardnerFrustration starts to set in.

Photo by Earl GardnerClassy tribute to Robbie Rogers.

Photo by Earl GardnerBethlehem’s finest.

Photo by Earl GardnerKansas City didn’t the memo.

Photo by Earl GardnerKelly Delaney helps lead the way.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe River End never fails to express their emotions.

Photo by Earl GardnerWhether cheering for the boys in blue or…

Photo by Earl Gardner…expressing their disbelief.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Glad you got a shot of the RR tribute. Win, lose or draw, Union fans make me proud.

  2. Is there really an Allocation Cup? I think there is. Greatness. Sheer greatness.

    And, as always, great photos. But, you know, I’m so distracted by the greatness that is the Allocation Cup. Bearfight brilliance.

  3. NOW i know what the “RR” cards were about! I should have known! It puts a smile on the face of a boy like me 😉 I’m even more proud and happy to be a part of the UNION Family! 🙂

  4. A. Stanford says:

    Hm, no photos of the lazy folks on the right side of TRE (nearest sec. 101) who refuse to sing or chant all game long? SOB should take a look at the replay of the Portland-NYRB match. Timbers fans showing how it’s supposed to be done.

    • G.Williams says:

      Section 101? You mean the one filled with families (like my 8 year old daughter & 10 year old son) and a whole youth soccer group outing?

      We’re all there in different circumstances-just because we don’t stand and sing the whole game doesn’t make us less of fans. If you want to stand in a section and sing/yell the whole game, the River End is right there. If you want to sit elsewhere, please stay respectful of those around you. We’re supposed to be a big family-having someone yell “What the f*** is wrong with you people, stand the hell up” isn’t a very inviting atmosphere.

      I mean no disrespect – if my kids weren’t with me, I’d be in the River End myself, but outside of there isn’t the same….


      • A. Stanford says:

        Yes, that Sec. 101. But I’m not talking about that section. I’m talking about the area of The River End that’s NEAREST to Sec. 101 (immediately across the concourse gap). To quote the Supporter’s Section Season Ticket area on the Union website:

        “In order to have access to seats in this area you are required to be a registered member of a Philadelphia Union supporters club. This section will stand, sing, and chant for all 90 minutes of the match. Please take this into consideration before choosing seats in this section.”

        I absolutely agree that fans should choose the section that best appeals to their sensibilities, family circumstances, etc. However, there are tons of people sitting in The River End who are definitely not adhering to the conditions quoted above. It’s sad to watch these “supporters” fold their arms, remain silent the entire game, and then watch the Portland supporters show us how it’s really done the following day. If they’re not willing to adhere to the rules of their section, they should sit elsewhere.

      • G. Williams says:

        My apologies….I guess I was still upset over the loudmouth we had yelling obscenities in 101…He should have been in TRE.

        I do agree, there wasn’t the same energy level on Saturday…And yes, that was a pretty awesome display in Portland last night – though I’m sure if we cam back to tie 3-3 at the end we’d have seen much more energy, too.

        We’ll see in 2 weeks…

        Sorry again for the mixup…

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