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Rigby out as Union color commentator

Photo: Courtesy of CSN Philly

A source with knowledge of the situation has informed PSP that Bob Rigby will not be returning as Philadelphia Union’s color commentator for the 2013 season.

Rigby, a former US International goalkeeper who won the NASL championship with the Philadelphia Atoms in 1973 and was the first soccer player featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, joined JP Dellacamera in the booth for the 2012 season after previously serving as a sideline reporter. Rigby follows Taylor Twellman and Kyle Martino in vacating the color commentator’s post after only one season.

When reached for comment on Rigby’s replacement, a Union representative told PSP that while they could not disclose anything at present, “We should be releasing our broadcast talent and local schedule next week.”


  1. And so there is a god…

  2. I know I’m in the minority but I usually liked him. I know he wasn’t good but I liked how ridiculous the things he said were.

  3. Richie The Limey says:

    Oh thank the heavens. I might actually be able to have the sound on televised games now. Seriously… I would mute the tv. He was an embarrassment.

  4. I like Bob’s sideline & studio work – when the color position was open last year I asked that Bob get it – there was some question that he wouldn’t have the time for it because of his real life job.

    Bob wasn’t the best colorman but I hope he stays involved as a studio/sideline guy.

    I too will miss him on the games – I do like some of his goofiness & I like that he is from here & he was good in his day.

    I hope he sticks around.

    I really miss Tyler as the colorman – love his honesty – met him at Dick’s before last season – he was a great guy.

    I hope that the new guy is good & sticks around!

  5. NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I don’t which job has higher turnover, Union captain or Union color guy.

    I hope it’s not the Old Onion Bag Tommy Smyth.

  6. Oh thank god.

  7. Agreed it would be great to get Taylor Twellman back because he called it like he saw it and added a players perspective that was real and relateable.

  8. He was the worst.

  9. He was bad… but in all fairness he had improved a lot as the year progress. He was actually tolerable at the end.

  10. I like Bob as a Union affiliate but color commentating was just not for him…at all, this is good news.

    *Fingers crossed for Ray Hudson*(please god make this happen, best commentator ever in any sport, save for HK)

  11. How about a little respect for someone who played the game at a high level, and definitely improved his work in the booth as time went on? He seems like a nice man. I wish him well.

  12. John Hackworth has destroyed this team so bad not even GOD could do a good job. nothing can be said that will make up for the lack of skill on this team

  13. Living in NY, I usually only get to see the Union when I make it down to PPL or when a game is on ESPN or NBC, so I thankfully have only heard maybe 3 or 4 broadcasts with him. Each one was borderline embarrassing. I have nothing but respect for the man but clearly he was not up to the job. The Union needs to invest in some talent here, and I don’t mean a return to the likes of Twellman or Martino.

    • Borderline? Borderline! I WAS embarrassing. Bobby always had a great game. I particularly loved the 2012 season when LeeTwo played so well with Antonio Lopes! We were a great team and will do so well in 2013!

  14. rvp1011@gmail.com says:

    My vote is for Peter Pappas.

  15. Good luck to him on his future endeavors- I was a fan back to the Atoms days. Spoke to our Boys Club way back, and thought he added the local flavor that bridges the generations.

  16. Great guy, terrible commentator.

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