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Le Touxday at Kildare’s West Chester

Photo: Earl Gardner

PSP photographer Earl Gardner traveled to West Chester on Tuesday evening for the Sebastien Le Toux Welcome Back party at Kildare’s West Chester. Here’s a look at what he saw.

Photo by Earl Gardner6 ABC showed up to catch some words with Seba before the meet and greet.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba takes a moment to say hello and thank everyone for coming out.

Photo by Earl GardnerOur favorite Frenchman spent time with all who came out.

Photo by Earl GardnerHe worked the room with the greatest of ease.

Photo by Earl GardnerSigning everything put in front of him, Seba gave everyone some personal time.

Photo by Earl GardnerYoung, old and entire families came out for the welcome home party.

Photo by Earl GardnerThis photo was probably posted on Facebook minutes after it was taken.

Photo by Earl GardnerMajor Molly’s army was on hand to help out with the event.

Photo by Earl GardnerEven this Eagles’s fan gets to chatted with Seba.

Photo by Earl GardnerKYW/PSP Philly Soccer Show host Greg Orlandini and friend with the pod’s next guest.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Me and my bf were looking for our photos from this event. Please put me in contact with whoever has the remaining photos. They aren’t on the flicker account.

  2. But you did get my kids! What a great surprise to discover. I’m grateful because I was unable to grab a pic of them myself.

  3. Anyone know if other Union players were there?

  4. CSZACK4. No there were not other players there. But some show up from time to time to enjoy a nice pint or two!

  5. That is me, Russell Rogers (in the Union hat), my son William Rogers (the red head in the blue coat, and my son Paddy, a good Irish name, Rogers (in the Union hat and the Adidas coat). Paddy was very excited and has been talking about it ever since. Thanks Seba for taking the time to talk to them! Look for us in Section 101. We’ll be there very game!

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