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Update on Valdes and Gomez

Photo: Barb Colligon

On Tuesday, we linked to an item concerning Carlos Valdes we first came across through a tweet from @Futbol_MLS, the Spanish-language account for the league. According to the tweet, “Independiente Santa Fe says Carlos Valdes of @PhilaUnion will strengthen the club in the offseason of the #MLS.”

Independiente Sante Fe is Valdes’ former club in Colombia.

The tweet led us to an item in the news roundup feature at the Spanish-language website of MLS, FutbolMLS.com. The item linked to a report from Colombian news outlet terra.com that said, according to comments made by Santa Fe president Cesar Pastrana that the Union captain could return to Colombia to play for his former club “for the 2013 Copa Libertadores during the offseason in MLS.”

When asked about the reported offseason move, a Philadelphia Union spokesperson told PSP, “That is not true.”

On Tuesday, Kerith Gabriel reported in The Daily Doop that Valdes has been training at PPL Park in preparation for Colombia’s friendly against Brazil on Wednesday at Met Life Stadium (3:55pm, beIN SPORT, beIN Sport en Español).


Readers have also asked for information about news that Gabriel Gomez is training with his former club La Equidad in Colombia, news we first heard about via a tweet from @UnionRumors on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

A Union spokesperson told PSP that Gomez “isn’t training officially with any other club through any arrangements through the Union.”

The spokesperson added, “We know that he is training to prepare for the Panamanian National Team match next week and this may be connected with that.”





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    FYI, that tweet was from this past Tuesday, Nov 6th. But that’s for the h/t.

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