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Report: Adu done playing for Union

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Philly.com’s Jonathan Tannenwald is reporting that according to multiple sources, Philadelphia Union’s coaching staff have decided Freddy Adu has played his final match in Philadelphia.

After being left at home for the team’s midweek defeat in Kansas City, Adu was again absent from the matchday lineup card against New York Red Bulls, prompting Tannenwald’s piece.

Tannenwald names none of his sources in the report. Philadelphia Union has offered no official comment.

Adu, 23, is not in the 18 for Saturday afternoon’s home match against New York, and he did not travel to Kansas City for Wednesday’s 2-1 loss there.

Adu is the Union’s highest paid player at $400,000 in annual base salary with bonuses that bring his average annual haul to $519,000, about one-fifth of the team’s salary budget. There has been a great deal of speculation that Union manager John Hackworth would cut Adu loose at season’s end due to Adu’s failure to produce at a level consistent with that salary.

He has 5 goals and 1 assist in 24 games this season. He joined the team in August 2011.


  1. This will suprise no one!

  2. OK by me.

  3. Further prof that not only can hack not utilize tactics and formation; but he is completely inept as a manger, as evident by another stelar use of his personal. This is what you get when you make a coach a manger. Can’t wait for another year of the same old BS.

    • Manager, not manger. Proof not prof. Evidenced not evident. Stellar not stelar. Personnel, not personal. Please shut up.

      • ArizonaDoop says:

        Seriously! Hack has done a fine job. Given what Nowak did to the team, the playoffs was already a difficult attainment.

        As for the story, I think this is a wise move. Clear 20% of your team salary with one semi-productive player? Absolutely.

    • swing and a miss says:

      yeh an alsow he a bED coaech

    • Hey Stretch. I get your point. Because Adu has really shined at every other place he has played at (said with sarcasm in case u didnt notice).

  4. bout time we hired a REAL midfielder/forward

  5. Hack must go!

  6. I like Adu, but agree with the decision if true

  7. Johnny Lightnen says:

    And so we say, adieu, to Freddy Adu. Fans are very OK with this, as he will forever be the flop of the MLS.

  8. you’ll all be sorry when he’s lighting up the bench at Çaykur Rizespor again. ha. i mean good riddance.

  9. For Adu’s salary we could afford Danny Califf and Sebastian LeToux. I feel if we had those two without Adu we are a better team than what we had with Adu without them. So that kind of settles it for me.

    PS I don’t necessarily think getting Letoux and Califf back is a good idea but it gives a good idea what we can get in MLS terms for his salary.

  10. daniel de kosa says:

    Freddy Adu has a very nice hair dooo and (EDITOR’S NOTE: Redacted by PSP editors) and he couldn’t score a goal.

  11. James Korman says:

    Don’t get too excited. He’s under contract for another year! Now nobody will take him unless we are footing (most of) the bill. And we need those funds. I’m not quite sure why we couldn’t just leave him on the active 18 for the last friggin’ game so as not to further devalue the dude?!? Seriously, this bs in no way helps us. 20% of our payroll guaranteed to a guy everyone now knows we won’t put on the active roster? Why? So we can get another full 90 minutes on the pitch for Michael Lahoud?

    Last night, the Adu DRAMA aside, was another wasted opportunity to see our youth. In the last three meaningless games we learned little to nothing about guys like Hoffman, Hernandez, Mglaughlin, Pfeffer, or Roger Torres. How many combined minutes did those guys get?

    It totally sucks that the season is over but perhaps the way it ended will ultimately be a good thing as we turn this thing around. Nobody can have allusions that a few tweaks here and there will be enough. We do have some good young talent here. Quality guys. Time for the FO to step up their game and build a team. The honeymoon is over boys. You’re on the clock! Go Union!!!!!

  12. I understand he’s been very disruptive in the locker room, working under his own ‘Freddy Rules’. The consensus is they’d like to toss him out like yesterday’s garbage, but they have no takers. This will be THE storyline of the off-season. I’m thinking this gets very messy.

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