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Player of the Week: Jack McInerney

Saturday night’s 3–1 loss to the Houston Dynamo was unpleasant. Most of the Philadelphia Union team performed poorly, and those who didn’t hardly set the world afire. While honorable mentions go to Amobi Okugo, Michael Farfan, and Sheanon Williams, when we here at the PSP put our heads together, we had a hard time finding someone who deserved the Player of the Week plaudits.

That said, though the game is one we’d like to put behind us quickly, there was one bit of positivity that came out of it: Jack McInerney made Union history as the first Union player to score in four consecutive games. His (oh-so-pretty) header marked the first time any Union attacker has been able to be consistently productive over a four-game stretch, and clearly shows the direction the franchise should be heading: feeding Jack.

(Speaking of heading, McInerney now has more headed goals in 2012 than the entire team did in 2011.)

With a proven target-man as his partner next season, and a midfield that has the speed of thought to play balls in early (five offsides on Saturday show just how much quicker than the midfield Jack saw things), Jack could lead a rejuvenated Union attack to heights the team has never seen.

So, let’s not get too bogged down by a disappointing performance, and instead look ahead. There are better days to come, and today we have Jack McInerney, PSP’s Player of the Week.


  1. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    With a proven target-man as his partner next season
    I have two words, and they rhyme with Ceter Prouch.

  2. How does Marfan get an honorable mention? He was the worst player on the pitch. He connected only a handful of his passes and the rest horribly missed his teammates. He was so god awful.

    • He is PSP’s favorite Mexican American…they seem to target some more than others. Just look at Valdes and thier treatment of him in write ups. Seems to me he dont get the credit he deserves around here…even Gomez (has has scored goals this year)…but someone like M. Farfan can do no wrong.

      • Well, they have 3-4 Chicanos: the Farfans, Cristhian Hernandez, and I think Cruz, no? I don’t really think any of those guys take a beating from PSP. 😉

        That said, fair point. I do think Marfan doesn’t draw the same critique from PSP as other players. I’m guessing it’s probably because he’s one of the team’s best players. That’s part wisecrack, but it’s also true. When Adu and Marfan have what appears to be the same invisible game offensively, Adu gets ripped for it, and Marfan appears to get a pass. A reason for that, I suspect, is that Adu has had so many more of these games and also has higher expectations, something I wrote about a few weeks ago. It’s probably also that Marfan plays more defense and goes the full 90.

        It’s subjective. But also, PSP’s writers often disagree with each other on ratings, player of the week, etc. It’s a healthy, fun discussion. You should hear our chats about Jeff Larentowicz. 😉

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