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In pictures: Union 0-1 DC United

PSP photographer Earl Gardner’s look at Thursday night’s loss to DC United.

 Photo by Earl GardnerGoalkeepers Chase Harrison…

Photo by Earl Gardner…and Chris Konopka have some fun while warming up.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay Gaddis and Freddy Adu share a laugh before the match.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe teams stand at attention during the National Anthem.

Photo by Earl GardnerMichael Lahoud and Chandler Hoffman.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe starting XI for the Union.

Photo by Earl GardnerFormer teammates battle for possession.

Photo by Earl GardnerBill Hamid organizes his defenders.

Photo by Earl GardnerJack Mac launches a ball into the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerDC United comes out on top on the battle in the air.

Photo by Earl GardnerGabriel Gomez looks for the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerDanny Cruz and Andy Najar fight for the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerNo love lost in this I-95 rivalry.

Photo by Earl GardnerAntoine Hoppenot gets stripped of the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerFreddy looks on as he warms up.

Photo by Earl GardnerDC supporters came up to Chester and made themselves heard.

Photo by Earl GardnerAmobi Okugo put in another solid shift at center back.

Photo by Earl GardnerSheanon Williams looks to make the pass.

Photo by Earl GardnerLionard Pajoy celebrates his second half goal against his former team.

Photo by Earl GardnerAmobi looks to move past Nick DeLeon.

Photo by Earl GardnerBill Hamid makes a late save to keep DC on top.

Photo by Earl GardnerChandler Hoffman chase down the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerFreddy moves up the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerBrandon McDonald is initially diagnosed as near death…

Photo by Earl GardnerMiraculously he springs back to life…

Photo by Earl Gardner…and is looking to immediately re-enter the match.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn Hackworth can’t believe the miracle he just witnessed.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Captain shakes his head as the match comes to a close.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.

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