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Philadelphians Abroad: Langley lights it up

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Facing a tough final stretch of league action, the Harrisburg City Islanders headed into Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Blues in need of a win.

Harrisburg currently sits fifth in the 11-team USL Pro league table. With one of the league’s six playoff berths already claimed by Orlando City, Harrisburg started their last six regular season games clumped in the middle of the league table with Rochester, Charleston, Wilmington, Richmond, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. Unfortunately for them, their last six games would primarily feature opponents from this same group (with an off game against Orlando for good measure), meaning that every game is essentially a six-point match.

In need of the win to keep their playoff hopes afloat, it was former Union midfielder and Swarthmore standout Morgan Langley who would prove the difference maker.

In one of his best performances of the season, Langley provided the offensive spark that Harrisburg has often lacked as of late. After a tough first half that left Harrisburg goalless despite a 9-1 shooting advantage, Langley opened his account in the 54th minute off of a ball from fellow Union alum J.T. Noone.

Thirteen minutes later, Langley would again contribute to the tally with a through ball that would find the head of teammate Lucky Mkosana and put the game just out of reach for Los Angeles.

The win helps to put some space between the two team in the standings, but LA will have two chances to exact the revenge before season’s end.

Major League Soccer

Antoine Hoppenot, M/F, Philadelphia — Started and played 78 minutes in Sunday’s 2-1 win over New England. Season: 10 games, 1 start, 2 goals for Philadelphia. 4 games, 1 goal for Harrisburg.

Cristhian Hernandez, M, Philadelphia —  Did not play. Season: 2 games.

Chris Albright, D, Philadelphia — Did not play. Season: 4 games, 2 starts.

Zach Pfeffer, M, Philadelphia — Did not play. Season: 0 games.

Stephen King, M, D.C. United — Bye week. Season: 7 games, 1 start, 1 assist.

Andrew Wenger, F, Montreal — Played 3 minutes in Saturday’s 3-1 win over New York. Season: 13 games, 3 starts, 3 goals.

Zarek Valentin, D, Montreal — Did not play. Season: 14 games, 14 starts, 1 goal.

Jeff Parke, D, Seattle — Started and played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Colorado. Season: 18 games, 17 starts.

Mike Seamon, M, Seattle – Did not play. Season: 0 games.

Bobby Convey, M, Kansas City — Started and played 64 minutes in Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Columbus. Season: 14 games, 13 starts, 1 goal, 2 assists.

Jeff Larentowicz, M, Colorado — Started and played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Seattle. Season: 20 games, 20 starts, 2 goals.

Bobby Warshaw, D, Dallas – Did not play due to right foot fracture. Season: 6 games, 2 starts.

Jeremiah White, M, New England — Did not play. Season: 2 games.

Bill Gaudette, GK, New York — Started and played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 3-1 loss to Montreal, recording two saves and three goals allowed. Season: 4 games, 4 starts, 7 saves, 5 goals allowed, and 2 shut outs for New York. 3 games, 3 starts, 7 saves, 4 goals allowed for Los Angeles.

Jeremy Vuolo, GK, New York — Did not play. Season: 0 games.

Dan Gargan, D, Chicago — Started and played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 1-1 draw with San Jose. Season: 19 games, 17 starts.


Corey Hertzog, F, Wilmington — On loan from New York, started and played 76 minutes in Wednesday’s 1-1 draw with Orlando. Season: 0 games for New York. 13 games, 12 starts, 7 goals, 3 assists for Wilmington.

Jimmy McLaughlin, M, Harrisburg — On loan from Philadelphia, did not play. Season: 0 games for Philadelphia, 3 games, 2 starts for Harrisburg.

J.T. Noone, M, Harrisburg – Played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Los Angeles, providing an assist in the 54th minute. Season: 17 games, 17 starts, 2 goals, 3 assists.

Tom Brandt, D, Harrisburg – Played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Los Angeles. Season: 12 games, 11 starts.

Morgan Langley, M, Harrisburg – Played 90 minutes in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Los Angeles, scoring a goal in the 54th minute and providing an assist in the 67th minute. Season: 19 games, 15 starts, 3 goals, 2 assists.

Tony Donatelli, M, Charleston – Started and played 67 minutes in Friday’s 4-0 loss to Orlando. Season: 14 games, 12 starts, 1 goal, 2 assists.

Ryan Richter, M, Charleston – Started and played 61 minutes in Friday’s 4-0 loss to Orlando. Season: 18 games, 11 starts, 2 goals, 3 assists.

Tyler Bellamy, D, Rochester – In the 18, but did not play. Season: 8 games, 5 starts.

Drew Cost, M, Rochester – In the 18, but did not play. Season: 14 games, 1 start, 1 assist.

Jason Yeisley, D, Richmond – Did not play on Saturday. Started and played 58 minutes in Friday’s 1-0 loss to Charlotte. Season: 15 games, 14 starts, 1 goal.

Ryan Heins, M, Richmond – Played 29 minutes in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Charlotte. Started and played 90 minutes in Friday’s 1-0 loss to Charlotte. Season: 19 games, 17 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists.


Pat Hannigan, GK, San Antonio – Did not play. Season: 3 games, 6 goals allowed, 9 saves.

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