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Nowak sues, Marfan added to ASG, more news

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Philadelphia Union

While the Philadelphia Union and the league might have hoped that attention would be focused on the All-Star Game one day before it takes place, the local talk instead will be about Peter Nowak suing the Union over his severance package.

Early Tuesday morning Philly.com’s Jonathan Tannenwald broke the news that Nowak had filed documents in the US District Court claiming the club “did not act in good faith” when it fired him.

The legal questions of Nowak’s suit aside, what most Union fans will be interested in are the reasons the club used to show cause for Nowak’s firing as well as the details of his contract. Among the causes are:

  • interfering with the rights of players to contact the players’ union
  • subjecting players to inappropriate hazing activities
  • engaging in behavior that put the players health and safety at risk such as requiring injured players to train and denying water to players during practice
  • ignoring the advice of the training staff about which players are healthy to play
  • creating an atmosphere that encouraged players to hide injuries
  • bad mouthing the club and its ownership to third parties including an inappropriate discussion with the head of US Soccer
  • breaking his employment agreement by seeking a new coaching job overseas
  • multiple incidents of insubordination
  • creating a hostile work environment and culture of fear among players and front office staff.

See PSP’s story for details, including links to documents included in the filing

Michael Farfan has been added to the All-Star Game roster. Farfan said, “I am humbled by this decision and grateful to be listed amongst such talented players.  This is something I will never forget.”

Carlos Valdes said of being selected to play in the All-Star Game, “It’s an honor for me to represent the Union in this game. We have others who could be playing, too, so I’m very honored to be picked. I’m going to have fun with the whole thing and make some memories. It’s an exciting time for me and I’m proud to represent Philadelphia.”

Valdes said Faryd Mondragon has given him advice about playing in the All-Star Game. “He told me, in simple words, to enjoy the experience and it will be great.”

John Hackworth told Valdes, “Soak it all in. This is a fun week.”

Valdes said of the practice, “Practice was very good. We didn’t do too much, because of guys who played yesterday and Saturday, but it was a good experience. It’s really something different, because it not liking the training I’m used to with my [Union] teammates, but it felt good, really good.

Landon Donovan said at Monday’s practice about Hackworth, “I think he’s made it pretty clear to everyone involved with this league that his ‘interim’ label should be removed. He’s done a great job with them. I’m happy to see he’s doing well.”

Those Adu trade rumors that were setting Twitter alight over the weekend? Hackworth said at Monday’s All-Star practices session, “Lot of rumors, but nothing to it. Not trading Freddy. Nope. Not at all…Haven’t even had a conversation or consideration in any way, shape or form.”

Ives Galarcep says of the Adu rumors, “Adu has actually played better under Hackworth than he was playing under former Union head coach Peter Nowak, enjoying some very good games in the past two months. If Adu continues on the bench after the All-Star break, speculation will circulate whether Adu has a future in Philadelphia. Much like Shea in Dallas, Adu looks like a very good bet stay in Philadelphia through the remainder of the 2012 season. If he can get back to his playmaking best, any questions about his future in Philly will quickly fade way.”

The Brotherly Game reports that according to “multiple sources” Nick Sakiewicz flew to California to talk to Danny Califf about returning to the Union as an assistant coach.

Oh, yeah, power rankings. At MLSsoccer.com, the Union drop one spot to No. 13, at Soccer America it’s a one spot drop to No. 14, while at SBI it is a one spot drop to No. 12.. Apparently purely on the basis of hosting the All-Star Game, the Union move up one spot to No. 11 at Goal.com, despite losing on Saturday. At ESPN, the Union stay level at No. 12.


Bryce Cregan (PA Classics; Dallastown, Penn.) has been called up to the USMNT U-17 training camp.


Fernando Torres has joined Chelsea in Philadelphia. Whether he will play on Wednesday is as yet unknown.

News broke on Monday that Everton’s Tim Cahill is headed for New York Red Bulls after a report on Everton’s website said the Australian was being had “for a nominal fee.” New York released a statement soon after that said, “We are aware of Everton’s statement regarding midfielder Tim Cahill and our club. However, we have no comment at this time regarding him or any other non-New York player.”

Jeff Cunningham, the all-time leading scorer for MLS, has signed with the NASL’s San Antonio Scorpions.

The Guardian looks back on the weekend’s action.

Women’s Soccer

At Soccer Nation, Tim Grainey takes a look at the future of women’s soccer both in the US and abroad.


The Inquirer looks at the local connections on the USWNT, who kick off Olympic play on Wednesday at 12pm on NBCSN.

The Daily News talks to one of those locals, Carli Lloyd.


Those excited by the news that the New York Cosmos have joined the NASL may be interested to learn that Seamus O’Brien, the team’s new CEO, has been linked to the financial misdeeds of Mohammed Bin Hammam. An forensic audit ordered by the Asian Football Confederation, of which Bin Hammam was president before FIFA banned him for corruption, shows that O’Brien’s World Sports Group were awarded no-bid contracts that have since been determined to be ”considerably undervalued.” The report continues, “A $14 million payment from companies with stakes in WSG, Al Baraka Investment and Development Co. and International Sports Events Company, was made to the AFC for the ”personal use of its president.”

It’s kind of hard to believe, but the old chestnut known as the player hoax has been sprung again.




  1. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    Any news on Soumare? It’s been a few weeks now right?

  2. As Lisa would say, DANNY CALIFF!

  3. P.S. Nowak was everything we suspected. A jerk, and a fan base killer.

    To better days ahead!

  4. How the hell do the Red Bulls continue to sign these types of players and somehow we can’t afford one of them??? I mean I know Cahill is past his prime some, but he would be a huge boost to any team. We sell out every game, and seem to do well selling merchandise, every game is on tv…. what else is needed?

    • lots of money. henry and marquez make like 13.5 million between the two of them. as to how thats paid i dont know. i also don’t know how much of the stadium bill they are picking up and what their tax situation is in comparison to ours. I look at it in a similiar fashion to a team like everton compared with Man U, Arsenal, and Man City. all have good attendance, good merchandising and fans but the latter three have very deep pockets.

      • Yea I mean that all makes sense, it’s just so frustrating to think of. Cahill would look great right now opposite Marfan in the Midfield, or opposite Adu up top.

      • Sean Doyle says:

        While Cahill would have been nice, I would prefer the Union further explore the possibility of adding Brek Shea. He’s a better fit in terms of what the Union are building (see Dan’s excellent post from today). He’s young, brings height to a roster that lacks it, has played for Coach Hackworth and would fit well in the 4-3-3. Additionally, if and when the European clubs come calling, the Union get a portion of the transfer fee received for Shea.
        Adding an aging European star is enticing, but I think I’d rather spend the Union’s salary budget on guys that are stll up and coming.

      • James "4-3-3" Forever says:

        Me too. I think a Adu and Shea trade fit for both teams. Both are out of favour, and are terribly inconsistent. Adu has atleast shown flashes this year; i hear Shea has been bad all year. A change of scenery is exactly what both these players need.

      • So, who’s driving down to big D with s suitcase full of crack and getting Dallas’ management to go on a two day bender after which they will trade Shea for Adu. I mean, really, isn’t that would it would take?

      • i’ll provide the suitcase.

    • I am gonna go the conspiracy route. The MLS really wants a NYC branded team to succeed. I mean how many international slots do they have?

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