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Photo essay: SoBs at Red Bulls

PSP photographer Barb Colligon shares her look at the Sons of Ben road trip for the Philadelphia Union at Red Bull Arena. Captions by Ed Farnsworth.

Putting on the game face

Just to make things clear

There will be bearfights

The makers of the Sons of Ben documentary were on hand

Here’s what we’re gonna do…

Red Bull sighting

At Red Bull Arena entrances are called “chutes”

Rallying before heading up to the stands

Into the belly of the bullock

The SoBs are in the house

An impressive tifo display, but who brings the crowd?

The Red Bulls lineup is announced

Union players applaud the traveling support

Play is underway

It is a fine stadium

20 minutes, ten seconds

Union players and coaching staff show their appreciation after the loss

The SoBs continued to applaud the team long after the final whistle

For more photos, look at Barb’s photostream on Flickr


  1. Its a nice stadium. Too bad the pink cows can’t fill it even for a rivlary game.

  2. What was that on their tifo? Is that the ghost from the Ghostbusters logo?

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