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In pictures: Union 3-0 Toronto FC

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand for the Philadelphia Union’s 3-0 win over Toronto FC on Sunday at PPL Park. Here’s a look at what he saw.

A little pre-game kick-about for the kids

The starting eleven

Carlos Valdes clears up field out of traffic

Freddy Adu with some fancy footwork

Lionard Pajoy goes up for the ball

Jack McInerney upended by Milos Kocic’s save

Valdes gets a little high with his boot

Kocic denies McInerney a second time

Amobi Okugo tries to head one on goal

McInerney watches his pass knocked into goal by Gabriel Gomez

Michael Farfan covers Reggie Lambe

Freddy Adu lines up the shot…

…and beats the keeper on the far post

Who’s the nuttiest fan?

Kocic just barely denies Pajoy’s attempt to head into the corner

Zac MacMath makes sure the ball does not cross the line

Okugo and Williams run down Ryan Johnson

Brian Carroll looks to pick another pocket

I don’t know who did it but it wasn’t Gomez

Okugo climbs up Milos Kocic

Sure, it looks dramatic, but is it on goal?

Reggie Lambe hits the deck

The River End celebrate after Antoine Hoppenot’s goal, the third of the game (free haircuts for all!)

Kocic grabs the ball before Hoppenot can put another in

Roger Torres returns

Hoppenot works to get loose in the box

Rob Vartughian walking with his little angel

Zac MacMath makes a young fan glow after the game

To see more of Paul’s photos go to his Flickr page.


  1. Great pics, as always. Anyone grab a photo of Soumare pre-game?

  2. Better than the Courier post picture of the game

  3. MacMath is a class act. Great moment caught in that picture.

  4. Thank you for the comments, I think it’s great the the players and coaches stay to interact with the fans.

  5. Great shots Paul!

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