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Union v Schalke live!

Join PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch tonight from 7:15pm as the Union host Schalke in a friendly.


  1. Eli, tell us EVERYTHING, can’t believe this isn’t on TV, was there a reason for that? You would think it would get decent ratings.

  2. very active chat i see…

  3. 3000 to 7000 fans in a 18500 PPL park would show that I would have been happy to hear coverage via the web site or radio if it wasn’t for twitter and you guys would have known what was going on like the the mid-week game and wanted to go but could get out of work. the club has to get better coverage of all ther games. When are they going to start broadcasting the games via radio better yet when is the rest of the philly station going to start talking about this Club in anyform. GO UNION, UNION STRONGE AND UNION PROUD…wish I could have been there….

  4. I hope the two clubs head in to Philly’s Old Town and enjoy some of the great Beer Bars and Pubs.

  5. Andy Muenz says:

    Great job with coverage, Eli. Just had a chance to read through it now. We sit down low at midfield on the other side from the press box and all we could see was a collision between Harrison and Huntelaar. Nice to know that someone with a better vantage point actually thought it was a foul. We couldn’t tell.

  6. Thanks for the coverage Eli! was reading along and watching the Phillies lose again. I hope we see more of thea kind of play onSunday!

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