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Nowak fined, suspended two games

Photo: Paul Rudderow

MLS announced on Thursday that Philadelphia Union head coach Peter Nowak has been suspended for two games and fined $5,000 for leaving the technical area and initiating contact with an opposition player during Saturday night’s win against Chivas USA.

Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser was also fined $500 for leaving the technical area but was not suspended.

The two-game ban means Nowak “is not permitted to enter the stadium tunnel area, locker room or field level until after conclusion of the game, at which point he may enter the locker room.” Additionally, “He’s also not allowed to sit in the press box or grandstands, or have any kind of communication with his team during the game.”

Nowak said at Wednesday’s press conference that he had no plans to appeal the decision and admitted the suspension was his fault.

“It was my fault being there in the first place,” Nowak said.

The suspension is described on the league’s discipline summary page as an “MLS Commissioner action,” which means the decision cannot be appealed.

Team fines were also handed out against the Union and Chivas USA “for the behavior of their players and staff.” The Union was fined $5,000 and Chivas USA was fined $2,500.

The fines will be distributed to the charitable partners of MLS W.O.R.KS and the MLS Players Union.

There is still no word if Keon Daniel of Gabriel Farfan will face additional suspension for their red cards during the game.

The Nowak suspension means that John Hackworth and Rob Vartughian will be in charge for the San Jose game at PPL Park on Saturday and the away game in Seattle on May 5. Vartughian said on Wednesday, “Nothing changes. We’ve all been around each other for a number of years. Our preparation for this game will be no different than how we’ve approached anything else…It’s not like Peter’s not here this week. He’s still very much the voice.”


  1. Is nowak still allowed to set the lineup?

  2. Took their time coming up with this. If they were gonna give him 2 games I don’t see why they couldn’t have had a ruling by Tuesday.

  3. If Nowak can’t watch the game from the Press Box or the Grandstand, where is he allowed to watch the game?

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