Union to play Schalke 04

The Philadelphia Union announced on Thursday that they will host Bundesliga side Schalke 04 at PPL Park on Wednesday, May 9, at 7:30pm.

Union season ticket holders will have access to a presale beginning today at 2:00pm. The presale will end on Monday, April 16 at 11:59pm.

Individual tickets ranging in price from $25 for Supporters tickets to $50 for Midfield tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday, April 16 at 10:00am. Groups of 15 or more will receive a $5 discount per ticket and also have the option of creating a group combo pack that allows them to pair the Schalke match with another regular season Union match for a $10 discounted ticket for both games.

Union CEO Nick Saliewicz said, “Over the last two years we have hosted top English, Mexican, Spanish and Scottish clubs to play the Union. Now it is only fitting that we bring one of Germany’s top Bundesliga clubs to the Greater Philadelphia region for the first time for our fans to enjoy. Schalke 04 is a club with rich European history and we are honored to welcome them and the German community.”

PPL Park is busy with friendlies this season. After the Schalke match on May 9, the USWNT will face China there on May 27. The Union will host Aston Villa at PPL Park on July 18, one week before the MLS All-Stars face Chelsea on July 25.


  1. Blutsvente says:


  2. Season Ticket Holder says:

    Not buying the tickets — don’t want to pay $25 to see our third tier talent.

  3. Oh dear….Well since “Scheisse04” are not involved in any Cup, Pokal, or Champions League matches they have all the time in the world.
    Would not pay to see them but hope the Sons of Ben will chant them out of the stadium. Boooooo Scheisse. Ein Leben Lang Keine Schale in Der Hand…..

  4. BVBforever says:

    BVB is the best team in the Bundesliga, Philadelphia should invite BVB Borussia Dortmund, the team who will AGAIN win the trophy and the cup this year.! No Bundesliga trophy for Scheisse 04 for 54 years ha ha ha ! Go Union, kick them out of Philly !

    • Lieber ein Verlierer sein als ein dummes BVB schwein 🙂

      • BVBforever says:

        Ach ja, der Neid der Scheisser…kennen wir doch ! Morgen hauen wir Euch aus Eurer Turnhalle, dann braucht Ihr wieder viele Taschentuecher ! Herrlich, das Double fuer die beste Mannschaft der Bundesliga mit den besten Fans der Bundesliga. Und fuer Schlake gilt weiterhin: Ein Leben lang keine Schale in der Hand !

  5. They bring these Team in during the seanson Why? Bring them either preseanson or post season Why risk the injury to your squad. Don’t get me wrong I love watching My UNION play and I like seeing how they match up with Team from outside MLS but unless There is some silverware to gain during the seanson why risk it.

  6. hey Raul, enjoy Philadelphia, and while you’re here why not sign? Enroll your kids in the schools!

  7. BVBforever says:

    Schalke Dortmund 1:2 !!!!!
    Die Nummer eins sind wir !

  8. Blutsvente says:

    BvB= Nazi scum!!!

    • BVBforever says:

      It is a shame that there are obviously no mods to delete your racist comments.
      Und schon wieder keine Schale Scheisse 04 !

  9. Dauerkarte says:

    I’ll be there – couldn’t use my season ticket in Gelsenkirchen this year! Now they come to me – even better! Ein Leben lang…

  10. BVBforever says:

    Ein Leben lang keine Schale in der Hand…und dann verlieren sie auch noch gegen Philly !!! Peinlich peinlich ! Nur der BVB !

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