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Home opener photos: The Stache Bash & River End

Photo By Earl GardnerOff in the foggy distance, PPL Park starts to emerge as volunteers continue with their early morning prep.

Photo By Earl GardnerEric Shertz helps organize the opening day snake Tifo in the River End.

Photo By Earl GardnerOne of the many volunteers helps load all the flags and Tifo into the River End.

Photo By Earl GardnerBill Gusler hangs 2 of the new banners he painted in the off-season.

Photo By Earl GardnerBack at the tailgate, final touches are being put on the Stache’s.

Photo By Earl GardnerSome stache’s come with a beer…

Photo By Earl GardnerSome are applied with Sharpies…

Photo By Earl Gardner
Some are epic…

Photo By Earl GardnerAnd some are inspired by Snidely Whiplash.

Photo By Earl GardnerOver 500 people were well fed on this beautiful day.

Photo By Earl GardnerA huge amount of quality raffle items helped raise a lot of money for the Bernadine Center.

Photo By Earl GardnerThe Bearfight Brigade helped liven up the tailgate with their unique brand of fine adult beverages.

Photo By Earl GardnerWhat’s a Boils show without some fine whiskey?

Photo By Earl GardnerThe reunited Boils played their first show in a year.

Photo By Earl GardnerCaptain Danny Califf stopped by to show his support for the cause.

Photo By Earl GardnerStache Bash Organizer Jeremy Sharpe introduces Danny to the crowd.

Photo By Earl GardnerDanny blows out the candles on the birthday cake Corinne Murray baked for him.

Photo By Earl GardnerRunning on a campaign of Bearfights for everyone, Danny Califf needs your vote!

Photo By Earl GardnerA documentary crew stopped by to check out the scene.

Photo By Earl GardnerFinally, it was time to head into PPL Park for the first match of the season.

Photo By Earl GardnerAll the hard work pays off as the Sons of Ben puts on a great Tifo display in the River End.

Photo By Earl GardnerEveryone was happy to finally be back in the River End.

Photo By Earl GardnerSpirits were high on what ended up being an emotional roller coaster of a day.

Photo By Earl GardnerThe support was strong for the boys in blue.

Photo By Earl GardnerThe capos put all their energy into beating the drums and leading the chants…

Photo By Earl Gardner…and catch their breath at the half.

Photo By Earl GardnerA sense of frustration grows as the Rapids score their first goal.
 Photo By Earl GardnerFrustration turns to anger.

Photo By Earl GardnerDisappointed fans look on as Colorado scores a second goal.

Photo By Earl GardnerJoy returns as Pajoy’s diving header puts the Union back into the match.

Photo By Earl GardnerWe need to see more of this during the season.

Photo By Earl GardnerAfter the whistle blew, fans looked on broken-hearted…

Photo By Earl Gardner

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Earl, great shots, as always!!!

  2. Earl,

    These are really great! Excellent photos that capture the day!

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