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In pictures: Philadelphia Union Fan Fest

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand along with some 500 fans to meet the Philadelphia Union players at Chickie’s & Pete’s at Wednesday night’s fan fest. Here’s a look at what he saw.

The line began to form early for the fan fest

Zach Pfeffer and a magnificently coiffed fan.

Young and old came to the fan fest

Sheanon Williams

Zach Pfeffer

Zac MacMath

Roger Torres

Raymon Gaddis

Porfirio Lopez

Porfirio Lopez & Roger Torres

Peter Nowak

Krystian Witkowski greets a young fan.

Michael Farfan

Keon Daniel

Josue Martinez

The two J-Macks: Jack McInerney and Jimmy McLaughlin

Greg Jordon

Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Farfan

The fan fest was well attended

Danny Mwanga

Danny Mwanga & Antoine Hoppenot

Danny Califf

Cristhian Hernandez

John Hackworth

Chris Konopka

Chris Albright

Chase Harrison

Chandler Hoffman

Carlos Valdes

Brian Carroll

Antoine Hoppenot


  1. Liberal_Maurice says:

    The new polo shirts look great.

  2. Jesus H, the club has changed so much, I think it’ll take all season to recognize them. Of course, at the current rate, half of them will be gone by then.

  3. pat Murphy says:

    My grandson is 11 yrs old. He lives, eats and dreams soccer. He is very astute, knows so much about soccer, teams, players and would like become a professional soccer player. I’d like to get him to meet some players. Can you give me some insight? When is the next meet and greet /fan fest. Thank you. Pat Murphy

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