Put a Snake on it! The winners!

As you know, in Portland, you can put a bird on something and call it art.

We do things a little differently here in Philadelphia.

So we invited Philadelphia Union fans to “Put a snake on it!” for a chance to win a limited edition Philadelphia soccer history poster, designed by PSP’s Ed Farnsworth and screen printed by local artist and Union fan Jake Henry by hand on archival-quality paper.

We are happy to announce that we have two winners, Lu Kluber and Phil Haralam, whose winning efforts are shown below. (Lu and Phil, we’ll be contacting you via Facebook for your address information.) Lu takes the snake to a new level in his stunning image while Phil does some clever appropriation of the Timber’s inspirational billboard campaign that’s more than easy on the eyes. Also below are a selection of more excellent images submitted by other Union fans.

Many thanks to all who participated. Now it’s up to the Union to put a snake on it with a win in Portland!

Our co-winners:

Lu Kluber
Phil Haralam

Honorable mentions to:

Chris Russomano
Maurice Hebert
Theodore Diehl
Philip Moyer

And a special Golden Snakey to Phil for these extra efforts:



  1. That billboard one is great.

  2. PhillyHotSpur says:

    Billboard is damn funny, but the lady could have been a little hotter 🙂

    But nice efforts gentleman and nice work by all

  3. Union fans: spending all day looking at Timbers photos wishing you were us, then spending 5 minutes slapping a snake on in photoshop. You’ll be crying yourselves to sleep tonight after you lose to us…again.

    • Portland fans spending time on a Union site wishing they were us, then spending 5 minutes writing a lame comment. You’ll be crying yourselves to sleep tonight…again…because you’re from Portland.

      • It was linked from the mls subreddit on reddit.com. And I’ll be *drinking* myself to sleep tonight, because I’m from Portland.

      • So because you got it from reddit, you’re *not* wasting our time?

        Just messin’, but seriously…I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get anything accomplished today waiting for kickoff. I’m buzzing. C’MON THE U!

      • Haha, I’m most certainly wasting your time. I was responded to the “spending time on a Union site” bit with reddit as the reasoning for me being here.

      • And I was implying that reddit is just as much a waste of your time, and being a reddit user is only marginally more noble than being a Timbers fan.

        And all of it is in jest, of course. I wouldn’t be responding to you at all if it weren’t match day. Besides, speaking of buzzing, Widmer Brothers has some damn tasty products.

    • You’re just mad because you guys didn’t join the MLS until AFTER it was cool…

      • Craven Morehead says:

        At least we had a team before the MLS… all of y’all just jumped on the MLS bandwagon rather then staying with a team

  4. Eggcellent! Nice to see my Snake all up on it! Portland, the fact that you celebrate a sport as beautiful as soccer by destroying something equally as beautiful (a tree) speaks volumes about your town and your club Whats going to happen when you’ve cut down all the forest? ZOLO!

    • I don’t think they have to worry about cutting down the whole forest…it is kinda weird that they have a circumcision ritual after each goal, though.

    • To be fair, we get the trees for goal celebrations by stealing them from local grade school playgrounds, so it’s not like they’re coming out of the forest or anything.

      And only eight people died from chainsaw wounds last year.

      So you’re a little off base.

  5. Putting our Philly Snake in the face of hipster central! How did 6th place feel last season? Get ready to drop even further.

  6. Awesome stuff. Much love.

  7. Wow, this is embarrassing for Philly. Just oozing with creativity there by hitting Control-V to paste.

  8. Come on Philly… No more comments?

  9. This is so adorable. You Sons of Ben are so cute. Maybe someday you’ll have a fan culture of your own so you won’t have to pirate other teams images. Keep trying. You’ll get there.

    • We get that your team has been around for a while, but our masses have had other things (successful sports organizations) to be entertained by in the meantime.

  10. Axe beats snake!

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