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Le Toux award, Twellman on concussions, more

Jack McInerney, Freddy Adu, Danny Califf and Zac MacMath preview the 2012 season in the above video. Here is the quick summary: Young guys are gonna act like young guys, but they’d better learn to act like veterans too.

PhillyUnionTalk says the take-away message from the team’s preseason scuffle is: Don’t tread on me.

Dave Zeitlin offers his thoughts on the upcoming season. Zeitlin’s two storylines to watch: Who will score the goals? And who will leave for the Olympics?

Former Union TV man Taylor Twellman is the focus of an LA Times story on concussions. If you don’t know what Twellman has gone through yet, it is definitely worth a read.

PhillySoccerNews handed the 2011 Charlotte Moran award to Sebastien Le Toux for his contributions to the Union and to Philly soccer in general.


The New York Times soccer blog goes with a he-said-she-said format to address the recent Development Academy change that makes it nearly impossible for DA players to stay on their high school teams. Amazingly, high school coaches are against the change while reps of the DA are for it. The coaches are allowed to give lots of reasons for their opposition in the NYT story. The DA gets two tiny paragraphs. Grrr change is scary!

The US U-20 WNT dropped six on Guatemala yesterday. Morgan and Leroux shouldn’t get too comfortable with their spots with all the attacking talent coming through the US women’s ranks.

Jurgen Klinsmann on Clint Dempsey’s winner over Italy: “I gave Clint hugs and compliments on his goal against Italy that gave us this wonderful win, but I won’t mention that one again. Where’s your next one? It’s the next thing that decides your career, not the one you just did.”

You know what would be hilarious? If AZ Alkmaar played “Born in the USA” after Jozy Altidore scored his 10th goal on the season.

Clint Dempsey scored a pair for Fulham. Because that’s just what he does these days.


The Vancouver Whitecaps and the LA Galaxy took home preseason tournament hardware.

FIFA has chosen HawkEye and GoalRef systems for a final round of testing as plans to use goal line technology in the 2014 World Cup.


  1. So… aside from Donovan’s recent success in EPL, where’s his next USMNT one? Not in the final minutes of the game. I get you love Donovan, but at the same time, don’t say you would rather have 10 Donovans on the field, when all he really does for us at times is last minute desperations.

    Yes I’m bitter.

  2. Greg Orlandini says:

    I’m still upset over how normal Califf’s hair is so far…

    • Self This is VERY IMPORTANT. On every soccer team we need at least one player with great soccer hair. I mean something along the lines of Brek Shea’s Lbecause I am a soccer player, that’s why” soccer hair. Every team needs one, I don’t know why.

      When we had our playoff game against Houston I knew we were in trouble because it seemed like the entire team had gotten debilitating soccer soccer sapping haircuts. Even Carlos Valdes who was slowly growing a majestic antenna to heaven, a beacon for the soccer gods to zap greatness into his skull, was trimmed back, Sampson like, until it was a mere shadow of its former self.

      What we need is some Union players to step up and say “I am a soccer player and this is my hair to prove it”

      The cosmic law of soccer hair is universal with the exception of the Bundesliga were all the players look like they came to the game directly from their jobs at the bank.

  3. Wow, that NYT articile is depressing. No wonder why it took so long for us to hire Klinnsman, why USA soccer has stagnated since the 2002 QFs, and why so many Americans seem to hold something against Klinnsman. I know change is hard, but it must be especially hard when it involves telling Americans that for once, your way isn’t the best and you need to follow the lead of countries like Germany and France.

  4. I’m pretty sure that’s not the first time they played Born In The USA after jozy scored

  5. who are they trying to convince that they have “experienced players”

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