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Williams signs new contract with the Union

Photo: Earl Gardner

The Philadelphia Union announced on Wednesday that they have signed Sheanon Williams to a new contract. Per club and League policy, terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Peter Nowak said in a press conference following the departure of Sebastien Le Toux that money from that deal would be used to improve the contracts of players already on the roster:

We have a couple of guys on the roster for whom we want to improve their contracts, because they still have contracts from past years and they are not financially strong, but they contribute to the team. You can name them – one is Sheanon Williams. That’s a part that we want to continue to improve and keep these guys for a couple more years.

According to the most recent salary information from the MLS Players Union, Williams made $42,000 in guaranteed compensation in 2011. Hopefully the new contract is considerably stronger financially than that.

Williams joined the Philadelphia Union from the Harrisburg City Islanders on August 31, 2010. Williams has 40 starts in 40 appearances since taking over as the Union right back on September 11, 2010 in a 1–0 win over Chicago, which also happened to be the team’s first shutout of the 2010 season. He has one goal and three assists since joining the Union.

Nowak says in the press release announcing the new deal, “Sheanon has become an important member of our club and we’re very pleased to reward him with a new contract that better reflects his value. He took full advantage of his opportunity with us after coming over from Harrisburg in 2010 and he continued to improve last season. Keeping Sheanon in Philadelphia is an important investment in our defense, both for the present and future.”

Williams says in the press release, “The past 18 months has been an amazing experience and I’m very excited to remain in Philadelphia. I would like to thank the organization for their confidence in me and the fans for their incredible support. We made a lot of progress last season but have a lot more work to do to achieve our goals in 2012 and beyond.”


  1. As of 2012, the league minimum is $44k. Glad to see SW25 get that $2k increase. Well deserved.

  2. Sheanon is a warrior, glad to see him hooked up!

    Though I have a feeling for the next year Nowak will start everything off with “Because we got rid of Sebastien Le Toux….”

    “Because we got rid of Sebastien le Toux, we can afford Sheanon. Because we got rid of Sebastien le Toux, we can get Roger Torres. Because we got rid of Sebastien le Toux, I now enjoy ketchup on my french fries. Because we got rid of Sebastien le Toux I no longer have a lisp”

  3. Details wil emerge eventually – if not, we find out on May 1 what the players are making this year.

  4. CityHeroesSpursZeros says:

    Good Job Union, he deserved it.

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