Union complete Torres transfer

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

The Philadelphia Union announced on Tuesday afternoon that they have completed the transfer of Roger Torres for an undisclosed sum.

The 20-year-old midfielder, whose loan spell with the Union was about to end, had been on loan from Colombian first division club America de Cali for the 2010 and 2011 season.

Torres said in the announcement, “I’m thrilled to remain in Philadelphia, where I’ve become comfortable with my teammates and the coaching staff. I love to play in front of our fans at PPL Park and will continue working hard so I can help the team reach its goals.”

Peter Nowak said, “We’re very happy to keep Roger in Philadelphia and see the benefits of the investment we’ve made in him. Roger has shown the ability to be a valuable playmaker and we look forward to helping him continue his development.”

An earlier report in the Daily News linked the release of Faryd Mondragon and the transfer of Sebastien Le Toux to the acquisition of Torres. When asked during a teleconference on Tuesday afternoon following the Torres transfer announcement if a connection could be drawn between the transfer of Le Toux and acquiring the rights to Torres, Peter Nowak replied, “Of course.”


  1. Now this a great, great move. He is already one of the most exciting young players in the MLS, and this move not only makes him ours but also signals the team is ready to move forward with him and possibly give him more and more minutes going forward.
    It’s going to be hard not to link this move to Le Toux’s but this is clearly a move for both the present and future.

  2. Mario in QT says:

    I suspected they were getting transfer money together with both Mondragon’s and Seba’s departures. My question now who will start as the offensive mid, Freddy or Roger? Of course Nowack might use two holding mids and these 2 on the outsides. And how about a young team getting even younger! Cant wait for the start of the season.

    • The point of Nowak’s team structure seems to be that they decide through work and progress. Adu and Torres will decide in practice and on the field who the starter is. “Competition at every position”.

  3. *PHEW*!! Finally some good news! When i first saw Roger’s picture on your home page, i had a bit of a Panic Attack, until i saw the headline with it. This makes me feel a little better about the last day or so…

  4. This isn’t good enough. I understand that the Adu Disaster is a sunk cost, but we’re going to give away our best player to keep a guy who doesn’t start?

  5. Torres=overrated. Small and slow in a strong and fast league.

    • Small, yes, slow, no. Sorry, I disagree with the assessment. He’s not a burner, but Roger has the deceptive quickness, the first and second step, that great basketball, soccer, and football players have that other people dream about.

  6. I’d rather have Le Toux

  7. Great! Now who will they trade him to tomorrow?

  8. A small bandaid for a massive wound.

  9. This is from the Ives article: among others, while rejoining the other key young players on the club such as Freddy Adu, Amobi Okugo, Zac MacMath, Jack McInerney, Zach Pfeffer, Josue Martinez, Danny Mwanga, Chandler Hoffman, Sheanon Williams, Kyle Nakazawa and Gabriel and Michael Farfan — all of whom are 23 or younger.
    How can you not be excited for the future after reading that? All that young talent, so many players with good skills, on our team.

    • Stopped reading at Freedy Adu.

      • +1 to Los

      • MikeRSoccer says:

        Is there any person on the team that you don’t hate besides Le Toux? You’ve commented on Torres, Adu, Nowak, the ownership and I’m sure a Seitz comment was slipped in somewhere.

      • +1. Honestly, Los has the most negative outlook every time. I’m sure we are going to be fine but that doesn’t mean we should have treated our classiest, best player like trash.

        Also, give Freddy a chance. Maybe he will be different this year. All we have is hope.

  10. I’m still reeling a bit from Seba’s departure, one of my favorite Philly athletes of all time. Love the guy to bits. However, this is good news…and as much as it hurts to say it, I can almost understand the FO’s thinking here big picture wise…Torres is only 20 years old and can already be a game-changer with his skill and passing ability; if he continues to improve his reading of the game and adds a little strength, he could become a devastating playmaker for this team, something we sorely lack. Seba, on the other hand, is a known quantity, a hustler, a finisher and a gentleman, who at 28 is likely at or fast approaching the peak of his abilities and is heading into the final year of his contract. Say he stays and sees out his deal; at the end of it, assuming he plays up to his usual standard, he is going to want a significant raise. Say also that Mwanga has a bounce back year, and either Young Jack, Josue or even Chandler Hoffman make a significant contribution…is Seba going to get that raise here? At 28, with 4 other young, talented and less expensive forwards behind him ready to play? Probably not, and so he walks and we get nothing in return…So the FO decided to use what is probably his peak value to invest in a player who is already good with the potential to be great for years to come…I still wish it didn’t happen, and I still don’t LIKE the move, but I’m starting to understand it a bit. I think….

    • Also worth noting, as a player over 24 with at least 3 years of MLS service, Seba is in line for a guaranteed deal…not that we shouldn’t have considered giving it to him, just saying.

  11. More optimism:

    @usarsnl Keith Hickey
    Only 2 Union players (Califf and Carroll) are older than 28.

    @mk_27 MK Rogers
    @usarsnl @brotherlygame and only 6 over 24 (those guys, valdes, keon w/ visa issues, new gomez, new lopez)

    • I’m not trying to burst your bubble but veteran players are necessary and important to any successful team. Without veteran players to help mentor young talent on and off the field and show leadership, youngsters do not develop to the level they should. The young exciting team always dazzles, but rarely is in the picture at the end of the day and while no one is demanding a title of the Union in 2012, they are hurt by the loss of three critical veterans.

  12. Breaking News: Union secure US Visa for Keon Daniels, immediately trade him to DC United for Allocation Money and a 4th Round pick in the 2015 Supplemental Draft

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