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Union targeting star Colombian striker, DN reports

Kerith Gabriel of the Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that only a contract issue is preventing Colombian striker Lionard Pajoy from completing a transfer to the Philadelphia Union. Pajoy, 30, leads the Colombian first division with 10 goals in 18 games for Itagui Ditaires.

Pajoy’s profligacy in front of goal is a new development, however, with his career numbers hardly indicative of a dominant striker. At 6’1″ he would add height to the front line.

Gabriel’s unnamed source believes the deal will be completed in the “next couple of days.”

While news of an imminent striker signing will add fuel to the Le-Toux-to-Bolton fire, the Union’s all-time leading scorer remains on trial, with a deal yet to be tabled by the EPL side.



  1. I guess it was to be expected, I was just ready to hand over the Reigns to our 3 young talents who are all under 21.
    Hopefully he doesn’t take up too many minutes and Nowak isn’t afraid to sit him if he is out of form.

  2. Anyone else getting a bad feeling about this move?

    • Depends on the terms. Outgoing allocation (if any), length and price of contract, and whether or not this is a Le Toux for Pajoy switch. That said, Diego was pretty hit, and not much miss last year so I have faith this guy can play – we just have to wait and see how the rest shakes out.

      • I’m having Ruiz flashbacks. He’s definitely peaking, I just hope we’re not buying high, that this isn’t gonna take too much time from the young guns, and that we’re not spending too much of the potential LeToux money.

        This is certainly going to be a “wait and see” moment for us all.

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