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Mapp to Montreal

Photo: Earl Gardner

Justin Mapp was selected by Montreal in the round of the 2012 Expansion Draft.

Mapp played in 46 games with 35 starts, scoring four goals and eight assists, after joining the Union on July 26, 2010 via a trade with Chicago Fire for allocation money.

Montreal’s selections were:

  1. F Brian Ching, Houston Dynamo
  2. D Zarek Valentin, Chivas USA
  3. D Zarek Valentin, Chivas USA
  4. D Bobby Burling, San Jose Earthquakes
  5. MF Jeb Brovsky, Vancouver Whitecaps
  6. MF Collen Warner, Real Salt Lake
  7. MF Josh Gardner, Columbus Crew
  8. F Sanna Nyassi, Colorado Rapids
  9. D James Riley, Seattle Sounders (traded to Chivas USA for Justin Braun and Gerson Mayen)
  10. D Seth Sinovic, Sporting Kansas City

Montreal also acquired defender Tyson Wahl from Seattle for allocation money. More trade announcements are sure to follow.

After this afternoon’s Waiver Draft, the next big day on the MLS calendar is Dec. 5, the day of the first stage of the Re-entry Draft, followed by the second stage on December 12. Players who fail to come to contract terms with their current teams and meet certain experience requirements can choose to enter the Re-entry Draft. In the first stage of the Re-entry Draft, selecting teams are bound by various contractual obligations to the players. Unselected players are eligible for the second stage of the Re-entry Draft, the difference being that selecting teams can negotiate new contracts. For a detailed explanation of the Re-entry Draft, click here.


  1. Cya righty!!!

  2. huh. these selections. that is all I got.


    This opens up our midfield so much, in great ways. Love that it locks down a wing spot for Marfan, and allows Garfan to get into the mix on the other wing. Personally a wing depth chart of Marfan-Daniels-Garfan is very good with me.

    • If we got rid of Mapp in order to play more of Gabe Farfan, we’re really going to be terrible next year.

      • Whoa were all the hatred for Gabe? He is a natural midfielder and looked fine when he played in his real position. Are you really basing your judgement on him because he played out of position, in a very challenging defensive position no less?

      • For a midfielder his distribution skills are poor. He had a ton of giveaways. Mapp last year was our second best attacking player. The team went down quite a bit after they got rid of Harvey and played Gabe at back.

      • mapp is awful. keon and marfan on the wings all day.

  4. Amazing move by Montreal to get James Riley and then trade him for a guy who’s more valuable than him (Justin Braun) AND someone else.

    Watch them try to trade Ching back to Houston the same way. Biggest FU move of any expansion draft I’ve seen, picking Ching.

    • It’s definitely a sign of a good FO when they make moves like that … of course it remains to be seen if it works out. Right now though, a winger tandem of Mapp/Nyassi and Braun up front does not look bad at all.

      • Until you remember that Mapp sucks! And only has a left foot! And he goes invisible during games and so forth and so on…

      • For a growing team with young talent like ours, he’s a bad player to have wasting minutes. But for a team that has yet to play a single game? I’d take him and be happy for a year while I strengthen other parts of my team.

  5. I am extremely happy about this – not only was he a waste of a starting spot we was grossly overpaid now if they can just unload Gonzalez’s salary…

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