Union at NY preview preview

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

The Shin Guardian invited Philly Soccer Page to write a preview of Thursday night’s Philadelphia Union game against New York. And when the Shin Guardian calls, it is PSP’s Adam Cann who answers the call.

Among the topics covered are:

John Harkes Keys to the Game  – “Thursday’s predicted Harkes’ Keys: 1) Stop Le Toux, 2) Don’t Give Up Goals 3) Marquez Something Something.”

Ream-Marquez vs Califf-Valdes – “Marquez and Valdes… well, one is a superstar who has been one of the best signings for any MLS team and will be for years to come. The other is Marquez.”

Zac MacMath-Michael Farfan vs Corey Hertzog-John Rooney – “MacMath lived up to the hype filling in when Mondragon went down. John Rooney got a call from the England national team. They said, ‘Hey, tell your brother to stop slide tackling people. Thanks, bye.’”

Thierry Henry vs Carlos Ruiz – “New York does win the battle here. “

And much, much more. Click here to read Adam’s preview for The Shin Guardian.

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