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Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC in pictures

PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian was on hand for the Philadelphia Union’s home finale. Although the match ended as a 1–1 draw, the beautiful fall day featured a beauty of a goal from Sebastien Le Toux. Most importantly, the Union assured themselves a place in the playoffs for the first time in their two-year history.

 Faryd Mondragon expresses his thanks on his return from a five week absence with a broken finger.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

He attacks on one end and defends on the other. Ladies and gentlemen, Sebastien Le Toux.

Garfan getting stuck in on Nick Soolsma.

Toronto’s Milos Kocic comes up with one of several big saves.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Carlos Valdes battles Soolsma.

Brian Carroll directing coverage.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Garfan battling Soolsma for the ball.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

“I don’t know what happened,” said Toronto defender Ashtone Morgan. “One moment Le Toux was there and the next he was blowing right by me.”

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

“Seba unleashes a shot AND IT IS IN THE NET!”

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Le Toux’s goal is met with approval.

Mapp climbs to battle Ryan Johnson for the ball.

Veljko Paunovic sends in a cross ahead of Toronto defender Eric Avila.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Iro prepares to grab Danny Califf on a corner kick.

You cannot stop Bearfight, only get in his way.

Mapp maneuvers.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Adu a-doing it.

Garfan’s cross is closely defended by Doneil Henry’s arm.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

“I appeal to you…”

The Dragon and El Kaiser take a moment for a tactical discussion.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Roger Torres prepares to juke Nathan Sturgis.

McInerney looking to make something happen with a difficult ball.

Seba picks out a target.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Marfan takes a moment to cool down.

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

A leader gives his thanks.

Check out Nicolae’s Flickr page for more photos.


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