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How’s it going to end? Updated!

Last week we posted the chart below outlining how Philly Soccer Page writer Eli Pearlman-Storch saw the season ending, including his predictions for the results of each remaining fixture.

So, how’d Eli do?

Happily, Eli prediction that the Union would prevail over DC proved to be correct. He also correctly predicted the Union’s draw on the road with Chivas USA on Sunday, although he would be the first to say that he would have preferred to have correctly predicted a win for that game, too. He was also right in predicting the draw between San Jose and Kansas City.

Eli thought Houston would prevail over Chicago at home but that match ended in a draw. He thought the match between Columbus and DC would also end as a draw but Eddie Gavin’s brave header proved otherwise to give Columbus their first win in six games. New York proved to be doubly confounding. Eli thought New York would win on the road against Toronto but a clever goal from Thierry “Look, No Hands” Henry was needed to secure a draw. He predicted a draw in Tuesday night’s game against LA but that game ended with a New York victory. Basically, Eli got the total points from the two New York games correct with the final results flipped.

Where things now stand

The updated chart below lists the current standings along with the results originally predicted for the remaining games. The final points and final standings columns show totals that include the updated current points combined with the points predicted for up coming games. In parentheses in those two columns are the final points and final standings that were originally predicted if there has been any change in view of the week’s results.

As you can see, both Kansas City and Philadelphia remain in the first and second spots, with DC remaining in fourth and New York in sixth. Columbus and Houston trade spaces, with Columbus moving up to third in the final standings and Houston dropping to fifth.

What are your thoughts? The comment section is open.


  1. Back one point, with a game in-hand on KC, only 1st place is acceptable!

    Come on the U!!

  2. Actually, i think 2nd place is perfectly acceptable. if this finishes as the table predicts, 2nd place would get us Columbus in our quarterfinal playoff tie. If we get 1st place, then there’s a very real chance we have to face Dallas or Colorado first. No disrespect to the Crew, but they’re the team I’d much rather face.

  3. Would be awesome to win the East! I hope Eli is right! I think I may be only one worried about TFC…

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Adam warned about Toronto in a piece on Sunday: “But the truth is, Toronto can get into a rhythm and play some real footy these days, and anyone that forgets it (say, on October 15 perhaps) could pay a big price.”

    • Nah, you’re spot on, Los. The TFC game is a big-time trap game. TFC is playing some good soccer right now. Torsten Frings and Danny Koevermans have changed that team. They’re a team on the rise. Adam knows like Bo knows.

  4. Josh T. of Kensington says:

    If we could pull an upset against Seattle or New York, and win it would be great. And I suppose what place we finish is more important, because, love this team as I do, I harbor no belief that it could beat any of the top three West Coast sides in the Playoffs.

  5. I watched the Red Bulls match last night and they look like they are on fire. Think they may win all their remaining games if they continue to play like last night.

    • Mike Servedio says:

      That was far from LA’s best line up, which obviously made NY look pretty good. That said, they are playing better football these days.

  6. I am not underestimating Seattle or NY, I know they are better than us on paper. But from what I’ve seen of us recently, I hope we can play at our best like we have been because we would have a good chance for 3 points at Seattle and NY if we do.

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