Carlos Ruiz no longer with the Union

Reporting by Adam Cann. Photo: Nicolae Stoian.

At the press conference following the Philadelphia Union’s disappointing 2–1 loss to Colorado Rapids, Union head coach Peter Nowak told reporters that Carlos Ruiz is no longer with the club.

He went on to say that a major factor in this decision was the treatment Ruiz received from the fans and media.

Nowak said that while the details of the deal leading to Ruiz’ departure have not been finalized, the Guatemalan forward’s exit is a certainty.

While offering no details on which club Ruiz was heading to, Nowak said an announcement is pending.

When asked why Ruiz was no longer with the club, Nowak said, “Look at the whole picture before Carlos arrived. And my message to him in conversation is that it will be different than in Toronto or Dallas or LA. I think he embraced that in a good way as a true professional. There were a lot of fans in the stands here have a pre-bias towards Carlos. They made some bad comments about him being a diver, or being that, or that, or not working hard enough. It is getting tiring for all of us. We accept the offer from the [other] club. Carlos is no longer going to be with us. We will finalize, it will take a couple more weeks.”

Nowak continued, “It was a privilege to work with Carlos and many of the guys in the locker room were disappointed when we came to the decision. As I said, nothing’s finalized yet but I think it’s going to be difficult to replace him.

“As I said, I always believe the fans in the stands are the guys who are standing behind us,” Nowak elaborated. “They’re going to cheer for us, they’re going to be behind the whole 15, 20, 23, 28 players we have on the roster, they’re not about having something against single players. As I said, it’s an unfortunate thing but I think from all of us that’s… we’ve got to move forward, we’ve got to get the guys who are going to be in the place to score goals.

Nowak said further, “There was not part of us who think Carlos doesn’t bring anything to the table. I think from the minute he showed up in Florida in preseason to today, that he won’t change his work. He’s a guy who’s going do everything for the team, and the goals he scored were amazing. All of them. And that’s the part that is missing. But as I said, we’ve got to move forward. We’ve got to make sure that the offer we accept, that we’re going to replace him with a good player.”


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    • and this is why he’s leaving. thank you for helping fuel a dislike to our leading scorer. let’s see how many goals le toux can score now. If he gets 3 non pk’s i’ll be amazed.

      • Oh please Dan. Get a life. We are over hlwy through a 34 game season, with two added friendlies, and Ruiz has 6 goals. He also ha NO assists. Thats a goal every 3 ames an no assist every game. It should be quite esy too find smebbody who can match that poduction. Maybe youushuld check oonle Toux assist number, ndd maybe you shoud watch him play. Mwanga has better numbers than Ruiz (1 less goal but 3 more assists) with one third the playing time.

    • You are most likely a Le Toux fan…tell me Ruiz doesn’t finish one of the opportunities last night…how is losing your only striker who can finish a good thing

      • Silver hiar says:

        Andrew, you are bias. Everybody calls Ruiz a finisher, because that is all he does. But just because thats all he does does not mean that he is thaat good at it. Review the recordings of the games if you have them. He misses alot too.

  2. Blaming the fans and press is the weakest thing that I’ve ever heard. Honestly I wasn’t a fan at first, partly due to his starting the season not fit and lack of hustle, but the little fish grew on me. Let’s hope that DP slot gets filled in the next week, as we could see tonight we need that certain player that can finish.

    • PhillyHotspur says:

      Completely agree

      What a mickey mouse comment by Nowak………..

      Blaming the fans on a move that will pad the club’s P&L?

      This is pretty deplorable on Nowak who simply does not get it……….The fans make this club all possible.


      • This is basically saying ruiz wanted to leave because of ill will towards him… which is from the fans. and nowak regurgitated it to the press. So because of that, you think it’s a huge slight against you “who make it possible” when it was also ruiz who made it possible for us to be in first place in the east.
        double standard is double.

      • CityHeroesSpursZeros says:

        Blaming the fans is laughable at best. Nowak should be ashamed at taking the low road.

  3. Peter, just when I was starting to really like you again, you had to go and throw us under the bus. I appreciate that you listen to us fans and all, but if we’re the sole reason Carlos is leaving, that’s pathetic.

    Just because we criticize a player’s effort, or lack thereof, does not mean we want his head on a pike! Surely there is more to this, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  4. WolfmanDan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Two months ago, I would’ve been pumped. Now, I’m very bummed. Mwanga and Sebastian “No Goal” LeToux? No thanks!

    Also, the love affair between Nowak and Ruiz is pretty epic.

    • I agree…our offense was horrible last night until the Rapids decided to park the bus…Le Toux cant score and Mwnaga cant put a shot on net…that makes 9 out of 10 starts where Mwanga has failed to score or provide an assist…Ruiz is leaving as our top goal scorer and he has had 3 game winning goals…he is gonna be hard to replace

      • WolfmanDan says:

        I’m not sure what happened to LeToux, if he angered a gypsy who cursed him or what, but as well as he does everything else, he cannot finish.

        And, TFC game aside, I’m with you in being worried about Mwanga’s offense when he starts.

        Now, theoretically, between this and the Holder/Harvey moves, perhaps they could be making another move…

      • U got to be kidding. Criticizing Mwanga when he has such little playing time? He is one goal shy of Ruiz and 3 assists ahead. With half the playing time. And anyone with a brain can see the difference between the soccer player and the cherry picker. I agree le toux has been a dissapointment but he DOES lead the team ins assists and does way more on the pitch than RUIZ. U idiots talk like Ruiz has scored 15 goalsM it six for gos sake after all those starts and all that cherry pickin? We are gonna be fine.

      • Such little playing time? Mwanga has played 1058 minutes, Ruiz has had 1144 minutes. So Ruiz has played 86 more minutes than Mwanga…kwiggy you need to get your facts straight…definitely not “half the playing time.” Im critcizing Mwanga as a starter…he has been most effective this year as a super sub…

      • U r correct about his playing time. I did not know he had accumulated that many minutes. However, I think you need to give the guys some time at the starting position before you start saying he can’t be effective as a starter. Even the best scorers in the league have had many starts without putting one in. Mwanga is no different.

      • Mwanga has better numbers than Ruiz with one third the plying time. Anybody that cheery picks up top an starrt eveery gme can math Ruiz production.

  5. Bye Fat Chooch, don’t let the door hit you on the a$$. Might be the best thing to happen to the Union all season. It’s a pretty candy ass thing to blame the fans and the media. This is Philadelphia for pete’s sake, the fans value winning and hard work above all else. The Zolos have spoiled us with their hustle and never say die attitude. They might not have won as many games as we would have liked last season, but there could be no questioning the players committment. Despite some spectacular goals, Chooch’s antics did not endear him to the PPL masses. And never once did I see Ruiz do anything to reach out to the fans. While favorites like LeToux, Mwanga, Williams, Naka and Califf would pop out of the locker room after a match to greet their fans and sign autographs, not once did I see Chooch do anything that could have earned him some goodwill with the Union supporters. To Carlos Ruiz, I say thank you for the goals that so amazed us, but good riddance to the diving and petulant attitude.

    • I saw PSP favorite williams dive multiple times last night and then get up like nothing happened…are we gonna start harping on him now?

    • PhillyHotspur says:

      Dead on assessment above……..

      Fat Chooch will not be missed…….

      • actually, no he will be when we don’t doop anymore.

      • Pahotspur says:

        You cant blame the fans for a lazy player and lazy players rarely change. Plus the fans were not exactly chanting Ruiz must go were they? It’s a lame excuse and while like some others I thought he improved I would rather we bite the bullet now and find a real DP….

        Oh and by the way what does Torres have to do to start a game?

        @Philly Hotspur…I have had the PaHotspur handle for quite a while so not trying to confuse! COYS

      • why does everyone assume he is lazy? The telling stat is that Mwanga has not scored in 9 of 10 games started. Why hasn’t he? Beccause he has no idea how to manage his body for 90 minutes. Ruiz was paid to score goals, not chase hopelss balls into the opponents end line. Argue what you want, but Ruiz got paid to score goals and that is exactly what he did.

        And Torres needs to learn to be a two way player to start a game…. does anyone actually WATCH these Union games?

      • Well lets see when you stroll around the park one tends to think you are a lazy player. When you cant make a half decent diagonal run or ever chase back to help the midfield you are a lazy player. Take 5 minutes and watch Wayne Rooney play…you will see the difference. Dan don’t assume because people don’t agree with you they are not watching the game that is absolute nonsense. We don’t agree with you.

    • if only running around counted for points… but this isn’t track. stop having rose colored glasses over players and LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING. ffs

      • MikeRSoccer says:

        Maybe I am misinterpreting the “if only running around counted for points” part, but are you suggesting that the extra running and thus pressure that Le Toux applies is not helping the team? Perhaps your forgetting about his 7 assists. He’s struggled on goal, but that extra pressure and running provided a number of the goals that Ruiz scored this year. Le Toux’s running is almost as underrated as Brian Carroll is this season.

  6. This may be the weakest statement yet from Nowak. Really Peter?? So, you’ve been blowing smoke up our asses for the past 3 weeks?

    Oh, Ruiz isn’t going anywhere, blah blah blah…. nice way to use us as the scapegoat.

    It’s almost comedic. And yeah, you surely don’t listen to the fans – we’ve been screaming to get rid of Migs since last year – so don’t insult us.

    The main reason for the loss last night was the horrendous play of Naka in the 1st half. By far his worst performance ever, IMO.

    Pressuring all game – only to give up 2 goals on what were seemingly breakaways.

    I love this team, and will continue to do so, but this move, and these statements really have lowered my opinion of the FO.

  7. This is a steaming pile of horsesh*t from Nowak.

    From what I could see, many fans (including myself to a certain extent) were coming around on Ruiz when he started scoring goals. Maybe he got confused at the Real Madrid game when he was given a rousing send-off of “CHOOOCH” when he was subbed?

    Nowak’s weak-ass “now look what you’ve done, Carlos doesn’t want to play with you anymore” scolding of the fans/media is sadly becoming par for the course with this guy. Either there were other factors in Ruiz moving on, in which case Nowak is being appallingly disingenuous, or this was the only reason, which as Benjamin T. put it, if true is truly pathetic.

  8. Ruiz did provide goals that we will need to replace but honestly I will be happy to try to find those goals from our 3 strikers.
    And where is the love for Jack Mac? His two league starts, he was active and looked very good. Honestly I really, really want to see Mwanga and Jack MAc start next game.

  9. I have never seen anything like this before. I coach blaming a trade on the fans and media? Welcome to philly pPeter. I am fairly sure right now that u won’t be staying very long. We appreciate that you value our opinion, but the whining and blaming is not gonna work here. The same passion that bring the criticism for Ruiz is what fills the stands and pays your salary.

    • lol, if fan support were requried for a coach to keep his job, then Andy Reid would’ve been fired 5 years ago

  10. Has anybody ever seen a player completely change in the span of 1 season…Last year everytime he had a chance I thought he would score, he was a leader on the field, and just an all-around franchise type guy. Now I can’t really stand the guy. He runs around to now avail, constantly pops up all around the field to disrupt the shape, especially cause hes not the playmaker people make him out to be, its one thing if you are an Ozil or Sneijder type looking to create something but Le Toux constantly gives the ball away. If you only quality is that you run all the time then try out for the olympics or go run a marathon. Can’t finish, gives the ball away all the time, and constantly complains at refs and teammates. Ruiz leaving could be a serious problem, and for all you fans who don’t like him simply look at the amount of chances created in the two games he didn’t play and Torres being the only one to score a goal in his absence.

  11. A few of us were standing in the tunnel waiting for the players to come out of their locker room when Ruiz came out in a suit. We were all surprised but screamed ‘Ruizzzzzz’. He looked funny at us and did not smile. Can’t believe that’s the last time we saw him …

  12. Hey Mr. Nowak,

    I remember watching Ruiz just stop playing, put his hands on his hips, and watch the game from an offside position. That pissed fans off. It pissed me off. Please dont label me as bias, just because I expect our players to work hard. Its insulting.

    • Was this late in the first half of the Chivas match? I remember seeing him pout right in front of me and just remember feeling my blood pressure spike.

  13. Jeremy L. says:

    Look, whether the fans deserve the criticism is, in my opinion, immaterial. Nowak should not steer team business because of fan opinion, let alone say that he does in the press. Ruiz had been growing on me, too, but honestly, if his leaving is because of fans booing him, or something, that’s ridiculous. He’s a pro; he has a thicker skin than that, and Nowak should, too. Very prickly, this coach of ours.

  14. Nowak should not blame the fans but blame Ruiz for his subpar performances. Shame on him. As for Ruiz, good, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  15. PS. Nowak should be consentrating on improving his teams inconsistent play. Simply put, he is to blame for the teams juvenile and unprofessional performance. He needs to take responsibility, and not blame others as seems his habit.

  16. PhillyHotspur says:

    Ruiz is simply not a Philly type player…….

    A clinical finisher………but he is lazy, he dives and never really connected with his teammates on the pitch nor w/ the fans that fill the stadium.

    He can be replaced and it will allow for Danny to grow as a player……

    Yo PAHotspur…….all good here. COYS and bring on Everton……lets make it 2 & 0 for our clubs vs those Blues GS

  17. Do I believe Ruiz got harsh treatment from the media/fans? Yes.
    But it was naive of Nowak and/or Ruiz to believe that it would be otherwise, no matter what city he’s in as long as their fans pay close attention.

    1: He was essentially a free-agent, which means, due to the reality of an auction-like setting, that he’s probably overpaid due to the top bidder valuing him higher than the general consensus. This sets expectations of the fans higher than the likely
    2: He replaced a popular contributor (Mwanga), instead of filling a hole, therefore forcing his production to be measured not against himself, but against what we dream Mwanga could contribute in his stead.
    3: Nowak switched from an offensive-heavy system to a defensive-heavy system without announcing it, so when the starting gate opened, our only option for understanding the lack of offense was to look at the personnel change. Ruiz was blamed at first, but he really was growing on many fans (including myself).

    Sorry Ruiz, but unless you produced like Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, you were never in a position to be adored.

  18. Keeping in mind how much the Union were paying Ruiz (I believe 25th highest player in the entire MLS) he was massive bust. He is making 9 times that of Williams.

    As for the manager…I cannot believe how disconnected he is from the philly fan and why doesnt he start TORRES

  19. Mike from Old City says:

    I’ve never been a Ruiz fan but out pisses me off to blame the fans. That’s discuss ridiculous. I’ll bet you anything it was really for the money. That’s all.

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