Thorne Holder waived

Photo: Earl Gardner

The Union announced on Tuesday afternoon that third-string goalkeeper Thorne Holder has been waived.

The 25-year-old Trinidad & Tobago native was acquired by the Union from Adelphi University on March 1.

Holder made no professional league appearances for the Union. He did play in reserve league matches against New York Red Bulls, D.C. United, Toronto FC, and the New England Revolution. He also played in the second half against Everton on July 20 at PPL Park.

With Holder gone from the Union roster, an international spot is available to be filled in the now open summer transfer window.


  1. WolfmanDan says:

    Playing well in a friendly is the kiss of death for our goalkeepers. First Perk, now Holder. Whoever gets tasked with it next year should intentionally let up a few goals.

    • A keeper we only have for the reserve games taking up an international spot is a waste when we don’t use him at all. I think he was also a discovery signing, which we are allowed only so many. So i think that frees up two designations to pick someone up.


      • WolfmanDan says:

        Oh hell yeah, I totally agree. Unlike with releasing Perk (which I was not a fan of) I think this is a smart move, and it has me pretty excited.

        But you gotta admit that it’s a little funny.

  2. Have to admit I was digging the Spector rumors. Anyone know of any free agent international LBs who are washed up enough to settle for the MLS?

    Of course it may not even be a LB … but honestly getting a player for anyother position will only increase the logjams we already have.

  3. MikeRSoccer says:

    Not going to happen, but still funny timing. Goal.com article popped up about Del Piero to MLS discussion, today.

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