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Philadelphia Union v Real Madrid in pictures

Photo By Earl GardnerZizou (the namesake of my French Bulldog) signs some autographs

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Players and kids take center pitch to a packed house.

Photo by Earl GardnerFaryd Mondragon and his little dragons greet Iker Casillas

Photo by Earl GardnerFabio Coentrao, Cristiano Ronald & Pepe riding the bench.

Photo by Earl GardnerKeon Daniel, Mesut Ozil and Brian Carroll fight for an incoming ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerReal Madrid celebrate their first goal of the night.

Photo by Earl GardnerFaryd Mondragon stops a shot.

Photo by Earl GardnerReal Madrid fans revel in a goal.

Photo by Earl GardnerReal Madrid’s Man of the Match, Mesut Ozil

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Sons of Ben make themselves heard even though they are outnumbered.

Photo by Earl GardnerKyle Nakazawa never stopped fighting for the ball with Xabi Alonso.

Photo by Earl GardnerDanny Califf heads the ball while Karim Benzema admires his tattoos.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe captain fires up his team for the second half.

Photo by Earl GardnerKaka takes a corner kick.

Photo by Earl GardnerC. Ronaldo shows up in the second half to not do much.

Photo by Earl GardnerSheanon Willams brings the ball under control.

Photo By Earl GardnerMichael Farfan evades a bunch of over-paid talent.

Photo By Earl GardnerDanny Mwanga keeps Pepe on his toes for a better part of the 2nd half.

Photo By Earl GardnerRonaldo poorly judges the ball in this attempted bicycle kick.

Photo By Earl GardnerSheanon Williams takes the ball away from Ronaldo.

Photo By Earl GardnerAmobi and Marcelo wait for the ball to come down.

Photo By Earl GardnerMichael Farfan’s dirty chip shot brings the Union back.

Photo By Earl GardnerAwww… Chin up there buddy you’ll be back at the Four Seasons in an hour.

Photo By Earl GardnerPost game interviews with the press.

For 250+ additional photos of the match, please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Adam Cann says:

    Marfan is already chilling when the ball hits the net! Great shot, Earl.

  2. Nice! I’ve been awaiting this post and, as per usual with the Photo Essays, i am not dissapointed! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Erm … “Michael Farfan evades a bunch of over-PAID talent.” Just sayin’. Great pics, as always, Earl.

    • Earl Gardner says:

      lol, I can’t believe I spelled it that way. My brain is fried from editing about 5,000 shots in the last week. Glad you all enjoyed them!!

  4. Nice work Earl! bicycle fails and dirty chippers are what it’s all aboot.

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