No Howard for Everton at PPL

Marc Narducci reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Tim Howard will not be with Everton when the club plays the Philadelphia Union on Wednesday night.

Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz said, “We’re really surprised. One of the reasons we entertained Everton’s phone call was because of Tim Howard and we were under the impression Tim Howard was playing. A little disappointing, but game on. I’m sure it will be a good game anyway.

Asked what all the people expecting to see Howard play should do, Sakiewicz shrugged, “They should call Everton. … It’s disappointing, but I guess that’s the way Everton rolls.”

“We understand the need to rest players and have no issue with that,” Sakiewicz continued. “It just would have been nice to know.”

“We knew that would always be the case,” said Everton manager David Moyes before adding, “”Would you not know that if he played for the National team all summer that there would be a rest and he wouldn’t be here?”

In the article entitled “Everton FC goalkeeper Tom Howard is looking forward to USE pre-season tour ‘homecoming’” from last week’s Liverpool Daily Post, Howard said, “Nick [Sakiewicz] brought me through the ranks while I was a youngster. I’m friends with many of the coaching staff at Philadelphia Union and one of my best friends, Danny Califf, plays for them.”

Howard’s Facebook page links to a blog post from 620AM WTMK blogger and Howard look-alike Greg Matzek describing an encounter in Nashville between the two on Sunday in which Matzek says Howard “was heading to Philadelphia.” (H/T The Brotherly Game)

Moyes says Howard will also miss Saturday’s Everton game in DC and will rejoin the team to head back to Liverpool on Sunda


  1. WolfmanDan says:

    Did you expect anything more from Everton?

    I feel terrible for the Union. The only reason Everton has any marketability in the US is because of Howard. This is a real step down from getting to see Celtic last year, through no fault of the Union.

    • I agree its disappointing and we all would have loved to see Howard, but really? Then what exactly makes Celtic more marketable in the USA if Everton is a step down from them?

      Everton is a competitive mid-table EPL team every year and its still great to have them. Considering the majority of Union fans so far are “real” soccer fans anyway, I am sure name recognition is not an issue with Everton.

      • WolfmanDan says:

        Any chance to rip on Everton!

        But seriously, for most of the casual fans I know the appeal was seeing Tim Howard. He’s got to be, what, one of the three most well known USMNT players? Much like Celtic is an extremely well known team with a lot of international fans (due to their position in the Old Firm rivalry). Everton is certainly better than getting, say, West Bromwich Albion, but in terms of US name recognition, I bet they’re a lot lower than Celtic.

        But, yes, I know the “real” fans will all be there excited to see Tim Cahill.

  2. swing and a miss says:

    still love them blues…both of them. glad they’re still bringing neville, saha beckford and arteta.

  3. Anyone know where to get a look at the Everton roster for this match?

  4. Yeah this isn’t cool and the consistent leaving off of many of the stars that come over with the Euro teams makes it harder and harder to justify buying these tickets. We want to see the EPL and Euro teams/players we see and follow religiously on TV. No disrespect to the other 11 they bring for the US games, but for the price of the tickets (thinking specifically of Man U and the Real Madrid game NOT the PPL games). So I for one won’t be buying anymore of the “US Tours” that come across unless included with the U’s season package. Wish the Euro teams would get that as this hurts their brand here more than helps it though I understand the short term financial gain.

    A possible solution is to field the team the US fans expect and be explicit about that as that’s WHAT WE PAID FOR and if there are games that aren’t going to have the stars, then it’s fair to ask for a reduced price in smaller stadiums. And having 2-3 of the starting 11 w.o the stars doesn’t count

    I go to every Union game regardless but think many of us wanted to see Tim play & will be letting them know (politely) the decision doesn’t sit well w/me. I feel this is more than justified. Everton email: everton@evertonfc.com & Tim Howard’s facebook: http://www.facebook.com/timhow​ard.

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