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Philadelphia Union FO v Sons of Ben in pictures

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Front Office stretches those old and tired legs

Photo by Earl GardnerNick talks with the press

Photo by Earl GardnerAhhhhh…. You suck at goal!!!

Photo by Earl GardnerSugarman taking out SoB’s

Photo by Earl GardnerIt can’t hurt to train with Faryd Mondragon

Photo by Earl GardnerThe league’s best supporters!

Photo by Earl GardnerThe front office takes down another SoB

Photo by Earl GardnerThe F.O. scores!

Photo by Earl GardnerPlease don’t hit me!

Jack Mac, Amobi & Richter watching the match

Photo by Earl GardnerIf I close my eye, no one can hurt me!

Photo by Earl GardnerThese kids are what the match was all about!

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Sons of Ben cheer on their team

Photo by Earl GardnerThe battle rages on

Photo by Earl GardnerGoal from the one and only Corey Furlan!

Photo by Earl GardnerNot afraid to get air

Photo by Earl GardnerKeep an eye out for Hackworth, he will take you out.

Photo by Earl Gardner…and he will smile as he helps you back up

Photo by Earl GardnerMore physical play from the front office

Photo by Earl GardnerGoing up for a shot

Photo by Earl GardnerNowak salutes the crowd

Photo by Earl GardnerWin or lose, the SoB’s love their players

Photo by Earl GardnerThe winners of the 1st River Cup!!

For additional photos of the River Cup match, please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Earl, these are wonderful photos. So, so glad this event can be forever remembered through them.

    • Earl Gardner says:

      Thanks Adam!!! It really is fun to shoot events like these. This is something they should do every year. I found it to be a very unifying event.

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