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Jordan Harvey talks to PSP after trade

Shortly after the trade of fan favorite Jordan Harvey was announced, PSP got in touch and interviewed him about the move.

PSP: So how has the transition been? What are your early thoughts on this new stage in your career?

Jordan Harvey: It was a great time in Philly. I had a super experience. Right now, I met up with the team here last night and had a chance to meet everyone. It seems like a great group of guys and I’m excited for the next step in my career. Vancouver seems like a great city and I’m excited to be here.

PSP: Vancouver may seem like a great city, but watch out if they lose a hockey game.

JH: Haha, from what I saw I think a lot of that was overblown. We were there right after that happened and there were a few buildings boarded up but nothing that bad.

PSP: Are you glad or disappointed that Vancouver won’t play Philadelphia again this season?

JH: I’m not a guy that dwells on things, so I’m glad for a chance to move on. I’m looking on the bright side of things and I’m closer to home now. There’s no bad blood, though, and I really can’t wait to get back.

PSP: How did you find out and what were your early reactions?

JH: I was shocked. I found out Wednesday and, yeah, I was definitely shocked.

PSP: Going from a key member of the league’s best defense to one of the worst in MLS, do you see similarities to where Vancouver is now and where the Union were last season?

JH: Yeah, there are definite similarities. Vancouver is going through growing pains, but we just need to find a team chemistry and we can work it out. There are similarities between our struggles in Philly last year and what’s going on here, but this team has a lot of injuries now and I think that as we get healthy and find some consistency, this can turn into a really good team.

PSP: Have you talked to the Vancouver coaching staff? What will your role be on the team? Any chance with DeMerit out that you’ll see time in the middle?

JH: One thing I know is that this is a good team. They have a lot of talent. But my position is on the left. It’s what I’m best at and it’s where I’ll play with Vancouver.

PSP: Your improved play has been a big part of Philly’s huge step forward on the defensive end this year. Do you think you’ll be expected to take on a leadership role with Vancouver’s trouble in back?

JH: I’ve been in the league a long time. I’ve played six years in MLS, so I think, yeah, one of the things that I bring is experience and consistency. I have good games and I have average games, but I think I’m always on the up, and I think I’ll be expected to be a leader help the team find that consistency that you saw in Philly this year.

PSP: It seems like Vancouver offered a lot for you and really felt you were a good fit. What do they want from you? Are you going to be asked to get forward or is your role purely to shore up the defense?

JH: I can get forward, but my first thought is always defensive and I think they’ll ask me to play my game. They brought me here for a reason and I’m just excited to get started.

Harvey all the t... twice a year from now on.

PSP: With the way you were subbed off early a few times this season, did you ever see that as an indication that the Union were looking to change something up on defense?

JH: I didn’t see the subs as an indication of something different. Talking with the coaching staff, they were not trying to get rid of me. Vancouver made a great offer and they couldn’t turn it down. But in terms of bringing in someone new, I don’t know anything. They played both Farfans in back and Keon played there for a half recently, but you’re right. There is no one else who really plays the position. I’m not sure what they have planned.

PSP: Anything you want to pass on to the Philly supporters? I’m sure you know that there have been a lot of surprised and confused reactions from the fans.

JH: I appreciate all the love and support. I have a lot of great memories, some of the best memories of my career. They did so much for me. The Harvey All The Time song, all my interactions with fans over Twitter and during appearances. It’s all been great and I’ll never forget those memories. It all meant a lot. I can’t wait to come back next year. I hope they don’t boo me.

PSP: You have a song! I don’t think they boo you after you get a song.

JH: Haha, I hope you’re right. It will be exciting to come back, though.


  1. VDub2174 says:

    We’re gonna miss ya man!! I’ll be keeping “Harvey All the Time” as my ringtone 🙂

  2. Soccerdad1150 says:

    Jordan, you were and are a PRO. This Philly guy will miss you!

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