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Photo essay: with the SoBs in DC

The PSP is happy to share with you a photo essay of the Sons of Ben trip to DC United to support the Union, photographed by Garrett Field. You can check out more of Garrett’s work at The pictures are by Garrett, the captions by the PSP. Enjoy!

Loading up: a successful campaign is all about the logistics
Let’s get this Doop on the road
Rally, ho!
You will hear us before you see us
Rising to the top…
…After all, we are above you in more ways than one.
Nice facilities you got here
You call that an eagle? We know Eagles.
Going commando
Banging it
Supporting our Doops


  1. I see me in the pic “Rally-ho”.

    The other blogger is in the pic with the eagle (eagles hat)

  2. had a Great time

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