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Philadelphia Independence v Florida in pictures

The two teams are escorted on to the field by some local FC’s.
Adam’s corner kick quickly leads to a goal by McNeil.
Celebration ensues as the first goal of the game is scored.
Boquete’s speed and skills were on display the entire game earning her a goal in the first half.
The Independence kept constant pressure on during the first half adding one more goal to their tally.
Joanna Lohman earned a birthday assist crossing the ball to Tasha Kai who headed it into the net.
Kai does a little dance after she scores the Independence’s third.
The game slips further from Florida’s reach.
Florida finally answers back. Press scores a surprise goal early in the second half.
There is much surprise and disgust around the net after Florida’s Press scores.
The visiting team celebrates.
Lohman jumps to head the ball.

Pressure on goal.

Lianne Sanderson was subbed in late in the game to add to the attack on Florida.

Florida’s goal keeping was much more apt this time around than in the previous meeting. Philadelphia was kept to only 3, even while the fans cried for 7.

The team leave the field triumphant.

Paul Riley is more than glad to speak to the press after 2 in a row. The Union’s Peter Nowak could use some tips from Paul.

PSP’s Mike Servedio catches one last interview with one of the games pivital players, no. 16 Kia McNeil.

But the one question that remains to be asked…Why does Florida not have a coaching staff!?!

Philadelphia Independence is damn good soccer! The entire team signs a T-shirt after the game for their fans.

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