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Independence v Beat in pictures

Paul Riley and the coaching staff faced a tie on Saturday.
The home team hits the field. Val Henderson and Tasha Kia are surrounded by fans.
Estelle Johnson is escorted out to the field before the game by a local FC.
Independence fans from some of the local FC’s.
DiMartino and Lohman move the ball up field.
Lohman about to blast a shot across the goal mouth.
Tasha Kai moves the ball in from the corner.
Atlanta’s goalie was under a constant barrage of shots during the first half.
Clearing the ball.
The team is frustrated by their inability to score.
Half time.
Magnusdottir’s game was much more cohesive and focused Saturday than the previous match.
Atlanta’s goalie caught in dirty moment.
Tasha Kai about to reverse the flow.
Boquette, the team’s newest addition, moves quickly.
The new addition signs autographs.
Even on ice, a player’s job is never done for her fans.

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  1. Adam Cann says:

    Love the Boquette action shot.

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