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Union v Galaxy in pictures

PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian was on hand for Wednesday night’s come-from-behind draw with LA Galaxy. Here’s a look at what he saw.

Califf tracks
Keon looks for a target
Nakazawa closing down
Ruiz tries to make something happen…
…Le Toux does the same
Not one of the better moments
Thou shall not pass this line
Valdes draws a bead
Donovan going down. Again.
As innocent as a new born babe…
…No foul.
Making it happen
Rounding the keeper
Yellow card, smellow card, as long as the goal stands
The Dragon comes up big
Williams clears
Exit the warrior


  1. Great shots, as usual.

  2. As always, thanks so much for posting these! I especially appreciate it when i can’t see the match, live or otherwise 🙂

  3. Thanks for the pics. I was having a crappy day and these helped bring back the excitement I felt at PPL last night.

  4. Matt Kirk says:

    great pics, absolutely love the Dragon’s face in the innocent as a new born baby its priceless, great atmosphere last night, was able to go to my second game of the year can not wait for more!

  5. Nicolae, you are IT!!!

  6. great shots

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