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For the Sons of Ben, it’s not just about the Union

Photos: Paul Rudderow

Everyone knows about the connection between the Sons of Ben and the Philadelphia Union.

But did you know the Sons of Ben also organize support the Philadelphia Independence?

By the end of last season, the Sons of Ben were averaging about 50 regulars at Independence games. This year they want to increase that number to over 100.

Jim Logue, a Sons of Ben member who helps to coordinate gameday activities and promote the Independence to the general Sons of Ben membership base, told the PSP that getting numbers out in a smaller stadium like the new home field of the Independence at Widener University “will really make it rock.”

Logue says the general membership of the Sons of Ben has “been very supportive towards the Independence,” noting that the Sons of Ben “support all Philadelphia teams.” Members receive updates about Independence-related events through the SOB ‘nack messages, and a tab for information about supporting the Independence will be added to the group’s website.

Logue told the PSP that the intention of the Sons of Ben in supporting the Independence is simple: “To bring a loud, supportive atmosphere for 90 minutes at every game showing our players the level of support that they deserve and making Chester a hostile environment for the opposing team.”

The Sons of Ben will be seated right behind the players benches during games. “The players and coaching staff are big fans of the SOB’s,” Logue said. They have even offered suggestions about how the Sons of Ben might help the team out on the field.

"We have slightly changes some of the language for a few songs"

The exuberant support the Sons of Ben offer the Union will be on display at Independence games. “The games will be quite like what will be experienced at Union games with standing and singing for 90 minutes with the drums as well as TIFO displays.”

However, some changes have been made. “We have slightly changed some of the language for a few songs due to the demographic changes as well as how close we are to the other fans,” Logue said. Not that the players seem to mind some of the bluer chants. According to Logue, “Last season the players jokingly asked us to not clean it up.”

As is the case with the Union, Sons of Ben members receive a discount if they purchase Independence season tickets in the supporters section, which is located right behind the players benches. “The supporters section tickets are only $120 for the season for SOB’s—this is a discount from the cheapest tickets they have available. People that are interested in tickets can call Erik Hanson about tickets at the Independence office.”

Don’t think the Sons of Ben plan on only supporting the Independence at home. Says Logue, “We hope to travel to several games this year in order to support the team everywhere we can.”

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