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Great goals, Bruin regrets, and PPL size issues

A Red Bulls fan wonders why the super-talented squad can’t overcome a tedious roadblock like Philadelphia.

Red Bulls coach Hans Backe said it was “ridiculous to lose a game like this” to Philadelphia. Yeah, well, teach your guys to finish.

The Shin Guardian still doesn’t understand how a team like Philadelphia could pass on Will Bruin in the SuperDraft. I nod my head emphatically while thinking about Carlos Ruiz’s 5-roll dive on Saturday.

Sporting KC’s stadium will be renamed LIVESTRONG Sporting Stadium, becoming the first pro sports park to bear a non-profit’s name.

A colony of feral cats lives under the Portland Timbers’ new stadium. Really. They only come out at night, kill all the rats, and … just read it.

Some great goals from the past week: Dejan Stankovic for Inter; a howler of an own goal; and the guy who plays in Landon Donovan’s spot for Everton.

Who will score first? Superpaid superstar Fernando Torres or superpaid superhuman Andy Carroll? Torres got a huge head start with Carroll being injured for a month and a half, so you’d expect him to… oh. Highlights of Carroll’s brace (first one is behind Joe Hart before he can say “I’m-not-Pepe”).

A breakdown of the FA Cup semifinal between Man U and Man City, which will be played at Wembley even though it isn’t a final because, hey, we’ve got a bottom line.

Andrew Welker talks about being called up to the Union for the reserves match against NYRB.

PPL Park isn’t big enough for the Big East, which has doubts about allowing Villanova football to join if they plan on using the Union stadium. More on this from the Daily News.

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