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Daily round-up: Davies, Dempsey, and Dragon

JP Dellacamera thinks the 2010 Union would have lost the Houston match last season.

Is Clint Dempsey similar to Dennis Bergkamp? The Shin Guardian thinks so.

Everyone seems to agree that Faryd Mondragon had a great game. He certainly didn’t have a bad game, but he didn’t have much of a game at all. The Union’s back four dealt with almost everything that came their way. What Mondragon really did was play like someone who had been between the sticks before. It’s a sight Union fans aren’t used to, but let’s wait until the White Dragon actually has to stop a shot before calling him the greatest thing since sliced Bimbo loaf. Vancouver, on the other hand, got a great performance out of their new foreign player. Frenchman Eric Hassli looked positively Le Toux-ish in scoring two goals (one with each foot). Mike Beamish overcomes a stunningly bad lede to write a great article connecting the current Whitecaps to their NASL predecessors.

More great writing out of Canada as the Toronto Sun takes on the TFC ownership and decides that things are going in the right direction… finally.

We all know who was the MLS Player of the Week – welcome back to the field Charlie Davies. I think you had enough time off to come up with a better goal celebration.

Chris Harris of EPL Talk gives his thoughts on ESPN’s World Cup coverage and whether Americans can connect to an English announcer.

Who is the MLS commissioner supporting for FIFA President? Grant Wahl, of course.

Mario Balotelli is a fascinating player to watch. The Equaliser takes a look at the brilliant young striker who just can’t get his head on straight.

Two positive stories: The J-League is scheduled to start up again in April, and Eric Abidal is recovering well after an operation to remove cancer. Abidal, you will remember, owns the rights to the best defensive play this year.

101greatgoals drops a 10 Best Goals post for public consumption. Vote for your favorite.

And finally, President Obama talked up the USMNT while visiting Brazil: “He mentioned the World Soccer Cup of 2014, to be hosted by Brazil -‘the only nation that’s a five-time champion — although the US is getting better, you have to admit. We’re getting better.'” No need to mention the USWNT, they are to the women’s game what Brazil is to the men’s.


  1. Ed Farnsworth says:

    In addition to the newness of seeing someone in goal who looks like he’s been there before, what treat it is to read a line like this: “The Union’s back four dealt with almost everything that came their way.”

  2. tell it like it is ed

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