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Union against DC United in US Open Cup

UPDATE, Monday February 28, 2011: DC United won the coin toss to host the match. The Date and time of the match have yet to be determined.

Steve Goff of the Washington Post reports that the Union and DC Union will face-off in the first round of the MLS qualifiers for the US Open Cup.

A coin toss on Monday will determine who will win the hosting rights for the match.

The date and time of the match have not yet been announced.

The Union would have to win three qualifiers in order to enter the US Open Cup-proper.

Last year, the Union lost away to New York Red Bulls in their first Open Cup qualifier.

DC United has not played a US Open Cup-related on the road since 2007. Fingers crossed that 2011 will mark the end of that.


  1. Fuck dc. Come on the U

  2. Heads, union hosts the match. Tails, DCU doesn’t.

  3. Perhaps, the semblance of rivalry will drive up interest and attendance of what is like to be a weeknight play-in game for the play-in game to an under appreciated tournament. Doubt it.

    • Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t it a play-in game, to a play-in game, to another play-in game.

      Why does US Soccer actively devalue its product?

      How bout this, EVERYBODY’S IN THE TOURNAMENT, HOORAY. Play until you lose.

      That’s basically what we have now anyway.

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