Identification game

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Union

In what has become an all too familiar post exhibition game pursuit, there has been some speculation about the first and second half lineups in Saturday’s 1–0 loss to Orlando City. The reason? The Union isn’t releasing the lineups.

Match commentary, game recaps and early photographs confirmed that Mondragon, Okugo (apparently at right back), Califf, Valdes, Orozco Fizcal, Torres, Carrol, Nakazawa, Mapp Le Toux and Mwanga appeared in the first half.

If the order in which they are listed represents a true timeline of the match, new photos released on the Union’s Facebook page show Jordan Harvey also appearing in the first half (photos no. 17 and 19).

Early sources confirmed that Nakazawa and McInerney played in the second half. Again, if the order in which the new Facebook photos are listed is meaningful, the second half begins with a picture of Zach MacMath in photo no. 28. Photo no. 30 shows a player wearing the number 26 who appears to be Michael Farfan. Photo no. 31 shows Zach Pfeffer. Photo no. 39 shows Chris Agorsor wearing number 21. Photo nos. 40 and 48 show Ryan Richter (wearing number 29 in photo no. 40). Photo nos. 42 and 47 show Gabriel Farfan wearing number 11. (In the background of photo no. 47 you can see three players on the bench who appear to be McInerney, Holder and Okugo.) Orozco Fiscal appears in photo no. 43.

So, for the second half, match commentary and new photos confirm appearances by MacMath, Orozco Fiscal, Nakazawa, Pfeffer, Richter, Micahel Farfan, Gabriel Farfan, McInerney and Agorsor. If Califf and Harvey stayed in, we may have a more complete picture of the line up.

Take a look a the the Facebook pictures to see if you agree with the identifications. I may have gotten the Farfans. for example, mixed up.

Editors note: I did get the Farfan’s mixed up in the original version of this post, corrected in the version above. Thanks to Scott Kessler from the Brotherly Game for the correction.


  1. You have the Farfans mixed up. Michael is sporting the “shaved down” haircut, while his twin Gabriel has the faux hawk.

    Michael has a distinctive physical problem on his right ear (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150112628102188&set=a.10150112623362188.294652.89209317187&theater&pid=6336446&id=89209317187).

  2. Ed Farnsworth says:

    Thanks Scott – I had a suspicion I was mixing them up! I think I misremembered the ID Joey Samuel had on TBG for Michael wearing Arrieta’s old number 26 from a week or so ago.

  3. They switched up the haircuts in late January. Confused the hell out of me when I went to one of the YSC practices.

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