Is Thorne Holder officially a Union goalie yet?

Rumors continue to swirl around goalkeeper Thorne Holder and the Union.

Today Sheanon Williams tweeted, “Trying to get one of our goalies some followers.” Guess what – it isn’t @MacMath.

Holder in training

Holder posted a photo of himself in training with the caption, “Game today against Stetson.” You might notice a marked similarity between the image Holder posted and the photo taken by PSP photographer Nicolaie Stoian on this page. Hint: It’s the same photo!

How awesome is that? Yeah, pretty awesome.

What is less awesome is that there still doesn’t appear to be any official acknowledgment of Holder’s signing from the team, even though it looks like everyone else thinks the move is official.


  1. Sheanon could’ve meant @FarydMondragon he’s on TWITTER now.

  2. Stetson U. (DeLand, FL – approx. 50 minutes from Orlando) wasn’t on the announced schedule of friendlies, but neither was High Point (NC) last year or a couple other closed door scrimmages.

    Holder signing may very well not be a done deal. He would occupy an international slot, may require a discovery signing, and as a third keeper, isn’t a high priority for either of those two limited resources. If Piotr says he’s still in the market and looking at talent, Holder’s signing may well depend on whether other players at positions of higher need are expected to sign.

    It wouldn’t shock me if Nowak has been working out some trialists in Orlando unbeknownst to the fan base and wouldn’t shock me if the same thing happened in Greece. There was an extraordinary amount of secrecy about tonight’s very public scrimmage from the commentator to the SOBs in the stands not tweeting or posting pictures publicly on twitter. I wouldn’t expect such a thing if all the players were known as half the Union blogs on the web posted names and pictures weeks ago from anyone who was at YSC. I don’t think the opening day roster is complete and while I was surprised to see Jacobson move because of the role he filled for us, I wasn’t surprised to see the Union wheeling and dealing.

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