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Soccer for Union scabs: Rah rah Rooney!

Manchester derby. Tie game. Wayne Rooney.

Samuel Eto’o has been in fine form for Inter Milan this campaign. But that doesn’t mean we will let him off the hook for his epic miss on Sunday against Juventus.

David Barral ran around Barcelona’s defense like it wasn’t there. Sporting Gijon tied the league leaders and let Real Madrid back into the title race.

Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez were the stars of Uruguay’s World Cup run, but Edinson Cavani has been the most prolific goalscorer from that country since the club season started. He has twenty goals on the season for Napoli thus far, including two against Roma this weekend.

Diego Biseswar of Feyenoord decided to send Heracles packing with a perfect shot. It really doesn’t get any more perfect than this unless Fernando Torres was standing inside the goal and the ball smacked him in the face.


  1. You’re not bitter about Torres are you Adam?

  2. It looks entirely likely that Liverpool will finish above Chelsea in the premiership.

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