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SuperDraft in pictures

PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian traveled to Baltimore the SuperDraft.  Here’s a look at what the Union supporters were up to as the waited to greet the club’s newest players.

Founding Members and Sons of Ben gather to march to the SuperDraft at the Baltimore Convention Center
Entering the Convention center, loud and proud.
The Sons of Ben were the focus of attention for many conventioneers.
When it comes to hating the Red Bulls, even Revolution supporters and the Sons of Ben can come together.
The Sons of Ben and Founding Members made sure everyone in the hall where the draft took place knew that the Union was in the house.
This message from Red Bulls supporters was answered with a raucous chant of “You’re all a bunch of nerds” from the Sons of Ben.
This message from Red Bulls supporters was met with yawns.
Waiting for the first pick.
Zak MacMath’s words to the hall after being picked by the Union were met with a huge cheer.
MacMath took some time to sign autographs for his new fans.
Michael Farfan’s selection was greeted with great enthusiasm.
Farfan also took some time to meet his new fans.
Union supporters gathered at Tir Na Nog Baltimore after the draft concluded to celebrate the day…
…A very long day, for some.
Levi Houapeu wasn’t at the draft but made sure to stop by Tir Na Nog where he was loudly and enthusiastically greeted by his new fans. Here he talks to JP Dellacamera, the voice of the Union.


  1. SoB Sanjaya says:

    HAHAHAHA that’s my girlfriend passed out at the bar! She usually looks cuter! 😉

  2. That white Union scarf is sweet. When are they available to the general public?

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