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PSP reports live from the SuperDraft

PSP is traveling to the SuperDraft on the Union Founding Members bus and will be posting updates from the draft throughout the day. Be sure to hit your refresh button!

6:21pm It looks like we have progressed to the have a beer and hang out part of the evening so I think I’ll be signing off. The PSP is sure to have reaction to the draft in the next few days and the Supplemental Draft is right around the corner. See you tomorrow at the news roundup.

6:05pm The panel discussion will be up on the Union site later.

5:56 pm Farfan and Houapeu get a big cheer as they enter.

The panel features…I have no idea. It’s packed in here, standing room only and they’re sitting down. Even though the bar finally turned the music off it is very difficult to hear what is being said. I’m afraid I might not be able to share much of what is said.

I think Rudy Fuller from Penn is one of the panelists.

Was just told by SoB Independence coodinator Jim Logue that he’s been tipped that WNY traded first round pick to Philly for allocation money. Looks like Laura del Rio is coming to Philly. Sweet!

5:12pm Looks like we might be starting soon. MacMath just walked in to a huge cheer. His hands are huger still!

4:38pm At a very crowded Tir Na Nog Baltimore. Union staff are setting up for the panel that will discuss the draft that will be moderated by JP Dellacamera (I hope I spelled that correctly).

Spirits seem uniformly high, even if the drinks are flowing. (Why shouldn’t be?)

The panel is scheduled to start at 5:30pm but I wonder if things might not get underway sooner.

No word yet on which of the new players will be stopping by. Would they all be legal?

4:13pm So, while I was gaining much needed sustenance, the Union selected Levi Houapeu from UM Baltimore County. In addition to playing there he played at Union affiliate Reading with, sigh, Corey Hertzog. Twitter is apparently a flutter (in a good way) over this choice with Scott at the Brotherly Game describing him as a speedy player who can threaten on the wing. Could be cool….

3:05pm Across the street from the convention center at the Pratt Street Ale House waiting on a foot-long chili dog on a pretzel roll and enjoying a delicious Oliver Brew Co. ESB. Nicolae is having his first National Bohemian. We’re with Union supporter Guido Gaeffke, a Dutch German who has lived in Philly for some time. I fear we may miss the third round but will keep you up to date with the post-draft festivities organized by the Union.

2:30pm Here comes Farfan!

I’m gonna run out for some food- I’ll be back soon.

2:24pm The Energy Drinks select John Rooney to much laughter and jeering from Union supporters.

Waiting for Farfan to say hello to the fans.

2:14pm The Union select midfielder Michael Farfan from UNC. Folks around here seem to dig it and Farfan gets a big cheer when he speaks to the crowd.

2:07pm Union supporters beginning to pep up as the club’s second pick nears.

Union highlight reel gets everyone standing and chanting.

And the Union select…

1:45pm Definite, if not unsurprising, lull in the Union area as we wait for the second round. I’m getting hungry!

1:14pm Hertzog to the Energy Drinks does not go down well as shouts of “Don’t do it Corey” erupt from Union supporters.

1:10 pm It might actually be an Energy Drinks group with blow up doll. By the way, this God guy that keeps being mentioned must be a great coach. Why isn’t he coaching a pro team?

12:50pm DC supporters hold up an inflatable sex doll with printed copy of a union shirt taped to it. It’s a bimbo – get it? Union supporters just kind of yawn in response. May as well get used to it.

Nowak brings MacMath over to Union supporters area to a huge cheer. Signing autographs, having picture taken. Seems like a nice lad. Not as tall as I thought.

12:35pm Soares to Revolution. That dolphin obviously isn’t very good.

Union supporters sit for the first time to wait for the second round. I really gotta pee.

12:28pm MacMath. The tiniest bit of a pause when pick is announced. I think folks were plumbing for Hertzog.

But very tiny. And the conclusion of MacMath’s remarks gets a massive cheer.

12:23 pm Valentin to Chivas gets a respectful cheer. Union on the clock.

12:17pm Union support amps up anti-DC chants while they select.

Union pick minutes away.

12:04pm DC supporters hold up “Sons of Bimbo” sign. Greeted with “All of you are nerds” chant.

12:02pm Vancouver is on the clock.

11:52am Garber opens the draft with some remarks.

11:48am Union supporters section is just to the right of ESPN broadcast podium.

Playoff highlight footage of Bobby Convey gets big cheer from Union support. As it should.

11:36am Revolution groups join Union supporters in challenging DC United group: “You’re moving to Baltimore!”

DC drummers met with “Drum circles are for hippies” chant.

We’re moving into the convention hall.

11:18am Union chant to Revolution supporters: “Fred doesn’t like you!”

Say what you will about the SoBs, they know what they’re doing and know how to have good time.

11:12am Wearing long johns may not have been the brightest idea.

“Let’s go Flyers” chant is stopped in its tracks.

10:56am 75-100 gather to march to convention center. Bemused looks from some in cars. Others honk in support. More people who traveled separately join procession.

Chants fill lobby as we enter convention center. Conventioneers take photos, others look on. Much good cheer and humor.

We’re kept apart from what I think is a smaller group of DC United supporters. Word comes down to tone down anti-rival clubs chants.

Lots of interested onlookers.

Union support easily drowns out small group of Revolution supporters.

10:22am Pulling into Baltimore.

10:13am I hope the posting by phone is displaying properly on the website.

We’re having a Union trivia quiz

10:10am Either my laptop has decided to crap out or the WiFi is on the fritz so I’m posting from my phone.

Sampling of unfamiliar Bimbo products proceeds. My pineapple pie was delicious- nice crust.

Early on there was some discussion of the Bimbo deal. General consensus is quite favorable. Regarding the controversy (for some) of girls wearing the brand logo, one person said, “Knowing kids these days, they’ll be happy to wear it.”

Everyone around me likes the idea of signing one of the local lads, Hertzog or Valentin.

8:55am: Hello there everyone! I’m on the Founding Members bus with PSP photgrapher Nicolae Stoian and about forty other Union supporters. Two Sons of Ben buses are also here.

It’s a brisk morning as we prepare to depart the Wharf at Rivertown but spirits are high and everyone is eager to greet the newest members of the Union, whoever they turn out to be.

After a jovial distribution of Bimbo pastries, the bus is now getting under way. Happily, the bus has WiFi!


  1. Awesome updates Ed! Keep up the good work. Up the Union!

  2. Nice work, Ed. You mentioned if the players would be legal … last year I was able to meet the draftees at Fado during the Union’s pub crawl. It was overwhelming for them, to be sure, but poor little Jack Mac seemed SO out of his element with all the boozing and carousing.

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