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Say ‘Beembo!’

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Union have a shirt sponsor, Bimbo Bakeries.

An official announcement from the club is scheduled for later today.

The four year deal is worth approximately $12 million.

Bimbo Bakeries USA has its headquarters in Horsham, PA. The iconic Mexican brand operates 34 bakeries in the US and owns popular brands such as Entenmann’s pastries, Stroehmann bread, Old Country bread, Boboli pizza crust, and Thomas’ English muffins.

Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz says in the report,  “A good strategic fit for them, and a good strategic fit for us. Each one helps promote the other,” adding, “it’s a cool name. It’s a ‘Wawa-like’ name.”

Vince Melchiorre, senior vice president of Bimbo USA says, “The big attraction for us is, we want to build the Bimbo brand in the US, and we think soccer is on the rise.”

Melchiorre added, “I wanted to have the deal be broader than Philadelphia, because the brand is broader than Philadelphia. A national element is really important to us.”

The Inquirer report says that the Union began courting Bimbo about six months ago. Bimbo executives attended games throughout the season but the friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara, who is also sponsored by Bimbo, was significant for them.

“The passion that exists in that stadium rivals an Eagles game—that’s what I took away,” said Melchiorre. “This is Philadelphia, for goodness sakes. … You would have thought we were in Mexico.”

By the way, the companies name is pronounced “Beembo.”


  1. Great deal for the team. Large sum of cash and a proper futbol shirt sponsor

  2. Will there be a run on the classy and unblemished 2010 shirt? While I like the cash the deal brings to the Union, did the sponsor really have to be Beeeembo! Ugh!

  3. @RFCSean, you might want to order it now, just to be safe. 😉

  4. A proper shirt sponsor! A proper sponsor is no sponsor. The biggest word on the jersey should be UNION!

  5. Love the money. Hate the logo on the jersey. Boy am I glad I bought all the jerseys I need for a very long time. Move makes sense though with the large amount of Mexican migrants/immigrants coming up to the area. That was surprising still I bet I was not the only one that woke up this morning expecting Panasonic to be on our jersey. Man does that logo make our jersey ugly though.

  6. Ed Farnsworth says:

    I love the money, it is an international brand long associated with soccer with its North American headquarters in nearby Horsham, and it is a great step for increasing (starting?) the club’s outreach into Philadelphia’s growing Hispanic population. The marketing possibilities outside of that market are also big with the more familiar brands such as Entemann’s and Stroehmann’s that are also owned by Bimbo. And if Bimbo buys the financially troubled Tasty Cake brand, they are bigger still. One might rue the need for shirt sponsors but what’s the point, they are here to stay, and are an important part of the financial stream for clubs. At least this sponsor isn’t some “financial services” company or online betting outlet (which wouldn’t fly here, anyway). And the shirt mock up on the Union site looks much better than the one I did in a hurry this morning. I say “Huzzah!”
    Union shirt with Bimbo logo

  7. Shirts sponsors are a huge part of the soccer jersey culture: from the simple and basic workmark (Man Utd and AON) to the outrageous and creative (Getafe and Burger King). They’re here to stay, and can only help make the Union a better club by adding to their coffers. Would you rather have a global company with local connections give you $3M/year for 4 years, or get a pyramid sch- err, investment company to front the dough?

  8. Damn, I was hoping for a classy, American-born sponsor that no one could make fun of, like Dick’s or BJ’s!

  9. Love it. No point in debating shirt sponsors’ place in soccer, it comes with the territory. In fact, not having a corpo logo last season kinda made the Union look less marketable or even desirable outside its current fan base.

  10. This is too funny, Philly is now the laughing stock of MLS. Who will buy this? Would you let your child wear this? At least jersey will buy them.

    • Patrick, Philly’s laughing too…all the way to the bank. Would I buy it? Yes! Would I let my child wear this? If I had one, sure. It’s a conversation starter and will help grow the Union and MLS brands. Plus, I’d rather sport the name of the world’s biggest bakery than something like, say, an energy drink. So let the uninformed juveniles point and laugh. You can’t scare me, I’m stickin’ to the Union.

  11. I am very happy the jersey does not say Comcast or Xfinity

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