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Swedish goalie wants MLS move, MLS wants TV money, more news

Chicago Fire’s All-Star defender Wilman Conde is leaving MLS for Atlas of the Mexican League. How much did MLS sell this talented and clearly sought-after player for? Nothing, of course. They just waited for his contract to run out and hoped he would re-up. Does anyone in MLS pay attention to the rest of the world of soccer? Small leagues develop talent and sell it to the big leagues. That’s how they survive. Wilman Conde is a good talent, but he isn’t going up next to Landon’s forehead on any MLS promotional material. He should have been sold during the season. This is one area where MLS’s odd summer schedule could benefit the league: Sell a player with a year left on his contract during the season and he won’t actually leave for his new team until August at the earliest! I understand MLS’s reluctance to lose players like Donovan and Buddle – these guys have become the face of the league. But with a developing youth system and talented players walking for free in their mid-20s, you have a built-in loophole in your business plan. Fix it. Signed, Warren Buffett Angry Blogger.

Apparently the American soccer league wants $20 million per season from Fox Soccer Channel for partial TV rights. FSC would get Saturday evening MLS matches and exclusive BTC rights (Beckham Thigh-Cam).

The Brotherly Game goes deep into the Union’s salary cap and comes up with approximately $540,000 of space available given the current roster.

David Beckham wants a January loan move so he can stay fit for a potential England call-up. Upon hearing the news, England manager Fabio Capello put on his favorite hat, used his whip to leap over the Atlanic Ocean, punched a Nazi, pointed to Beckham and said, “He belongs in a MUSEUM!”

Tribalfootball reports that Swedish goalie Jonas Sandqvist wants to play in MLS. The 29-year old currently plays for Greek side Atrimitos.

Since FIFA took their gold, frankincense and Beckham myrrh without question, then doused it all in Russian oil and lit it on fire with the remnants of Russia’s human rights and free press, members of England’s World Cup bid have been kinda pissy. Paul Elliot, a member of the bid committee, says that BBC was correct to air its allegations of corruption against FIFA. Sepp Blatter responded by insulting people and pretending that he was joking.

FIFA announced today that the famous Maracana stadium in Rio is undergoing extensive reconstruction prior to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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