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KYW’s Philly Soccer Show

KYW’s Philly Soccer Show plays host to a round table of local soccer observers on this week’s show. Co-hosts Greg Orlandini and Dan Walsh are joined by PSP contributors Adam Cann and Mike Servedio to talk a host of topics, including:

  • The upcoming MLS expansion draft and who Philadelphia Union could protect or lose;
  • The future of Women’s Professional Soccer in Philadelphia and elsewhere;
  • The upcoming MLS Cup;
  • Liverpool’s new ownership and what we know from American sports that could pioneer some changes in English soccer;
  • plenty more.

Dan gets silly, Adam and Mike get smart, and Greg holds the show together in a freewheeling podcast recorded Monday night at KYW’s Center City studios.

Click here to listen.

(Photo: Paul Rudderow)


  1. Mike and Adam should get their own spin-off (and action figures).

    Great podcast guys.

  2. Just as an FYI, I have been able to subscribe to the PSP podcasts via iTunes using the following URL:

    It will automatically download ALL of the KYW sports podcasts, like yesterday’s LaSalle basketball one for example, so we’ll have to pick and choose. AND, it only has them available back through early November … the Nov 10th “Inside the Phila Union” w/ Hackworth is oldest available.

    Just thought I’d share as I’ve been trying to subscribe to these for a while now.

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