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Keeping the loans in Philly, more news


A story on the Union website offers a sobering look at the efforts being made to keep Michael Orozco Fiscal and Roger Torres, both of whom are on loan to the club, in Philadelphia. The article notes “that very well may happen,” but cautions, “As with any roster decision, however, there are a number of considerations, both financial and other.” Says Peter Nowak, “”MLS and our club will work to extend their stay with our team.” The article concludes, “If the Union are able to work out deals for one or both of their on-loan players, it’d certainly be in the club’s best interest to do so before expansion draft protection lists are due on November 22. There’s no sense in using one of 11 valuable protection spots on a player who may not be back regardless, applying a sense of urgency…Only time will tell how the situation transpires…”

We now know that Danny Mwanga was not named MLS Rookie of the Year, that honor instead going to Andy Najar. The winner of the Fair Play Award, our very own Sebastien Le Toux, told the Daily News that he is “very surprised and disappointed, I thought [Mwanga] was going to get it,” adding, “I actually thought it was closer between him and Tim Ream, so Najar is a shock.” Ever the gentleman, Le Toux says of Mwanga, “I already told him to keep his head up. For me, he was the rookie of the year.” Soccer By Ives thought the award should have gone to the Energy Drinks’ Tim Ream. MLS Talk agrees.

The Brotherly Game, the SBNation affiliated Union blog, has announced that Delco Times reporter Chris Vito has joined the blog in “a content partnership.”


In response to the news earlier this week that the futures of FC Gold Pride and Washington Freedom are uncertain, Philadelphia Independence owner David Halstead issued a statement on Wednesday saying the club is moving “full speed ahead with an excellent Philly road map for 2011 and for the long term.” He continued, “We have a pragmatic, conservative plan in place for success and our bills are paid. We are working hard to increase home game attendance so we can make it financially sensible by 2012 or 2013 to accept the Union’s offer to play at PPL. In short, we need the fans to keep the faith.”

In related news, an investment group is reportedly interested in moving FC Gold Pride from the Bay Area to Orange County.

Puma’s Project Pink raised over $60,000 to fight breast cancer. The money will go to the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund at the Magee-Womans Foundation.


NEastPhilly.com reports that a local project called Philadelphia Sports Zone will partner with AC Milan to build a proposed sports complex at Tolbut Street and Torresdale Avenue. The effort is being lead by Maggie Coughlan Fulmer and Father Judge coaches John Dunlop and Tony Parson. The report says the project is managed by Total Concept Sports. An article on the Total Concept Sports website provides further detail.


The second leg of the playoff battle between San Jose Earthquakes and New York Energy Drinks kicks off tonight in New York at 8pm. You can watch it live on ESPN2. New York won the first game 1–0.

It is official: Jürgen Klinsmann has joined Toronto FC as a consultant. For shame, US Soccer, for shame. The executive vice-president and chief operating officer of Toronto’s ownership group says, “I wish we had done it four or five years ago.” A US Soccer fan replies, “Tell me about it.”

Donovan Ricketts has been named Goalie of the Year.


Danny Jordaan, chief executive of the organizing committee for the World Cup in South Africa, and now part of the FIFA inspection team touring nations bidding for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, has admitted that South Africa colluded with competing bidders to host the 2006 World Cup.

Towns across England traditionally have huge bonfires to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. The bonfires are usually topped with an effigy of Guy Fawkes, whose plot to blow up Parliament in 1605 came to naught. This year, the town of Edenbridge will top their bonfire with an effigy of Wayne Rooney.

Many were the Manchester United haters who shook their heads with bemusement when Nani, charged with filling the role of speedy creative attacking wonderboy on the pitch formerly held by Christiano Ronaldo, seemed to fill the role of egotistical boreboy held by Ronaldo off the pitch with his comment after Saturday’s win over Tottenham: “I’m one of the top players in the world.” Someone must have whispered in Nani’s ear for now he says “I want to be one of the best players.” Fans of big headedness can take heart, though, for Nani continued, “In the future, I want everyone to be saying Nani is one of the best players in the world. That is my ambition. Maybe some people are saying it now. If they are I am very happy.” Since Nani himself said it earlier, can we now agree that he shares the same qualities of unreflective self-satisfaction so ably demonstrated on a regular basis by his fellow countryman.

Paul the Octopus, the replacement for the recently departed Paul the Octopus, has made his public debut.

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Union.

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