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KYW’s Philly Soccer Show: Alejandro Moreno

Philadelphia Union striker Alejandro Moreno sits in for KYW’s Philly Soccer Show this week with a very insightful interview.

Moreno has been the ultimate team player this year, sacrificing the glory of a goal-scoring role for the thankless, often overlooked but important job of playing hold-up away from net so that Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Mwanga can score goals. He talks straightforwardly about that and his role on the team during the podcast, which was recorded Wednesday night. He also gives some great behind-the-scenes observations of what the Union locker room is really like (Nick Zimmerman is upbeat, Roger Torres gets picked on, etc.) and what it will take for Torres, Jack McInerney and other prospects to make it in MLS. If you thought Moreno seemed like a coach on the field, you’ll see that he clearly thinks like one too.

Hosts Greg Orlandini and Dan Walsh also talk about the Union’s big win over the New York Red Bulls, the club’s final game of the season this Sunday at Columbus, Wayne Rooney’s midadventures in transfer talk land, and how the modern financial climate is affecting the sport.

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  1. Ed Farnsworth says:

    Moreno sounds like a natural leader. With his obvious smarts a career in coaching has got to be in his future. It was also nice to hear more about the interpersonal dynamics of the team.

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